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Solo Convertible Kids Booster Seat (6mo to 8yr) $109 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This may be the cheapest price for a brand new booster seat that covers a wide age group + delivery is free.

Don't forget cashback via cashrewards.com.au or shopback.com.au.

Item description from the page:

  • Large side wings for maximum side impact protection
  • 5 Adjustable headrest positions
  • Reclining backrest to fit a wider variety of vehicles
  • Seat sash belt guide to keep belt away from child's neck
  • Great fabric design with easy to remove machine washable covers

Remember to get it fixed in the car by an authorised mechanic (list can be found on the respective state's RMS website) - safety is very important.

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    It was the lowest ranked booster seat in terms of safety.


    I'm looking to buy one but I think I'll pass on this one..Safety comes first.



      Or wait for baby bunting's version, slight better padding.

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      Ah, CREP ratings. CREP = crap.
      Their ratings are extremely unreliable, for example some seats are released with everything identical apart from different patterned fabric which are then sold exclusively in different baby shops and given different names.
      CREP have rated identical seats with different coloured fabric with vastly differing ratings.
      No credibility whatsoever unfortunately ☹
      Also worth noting that their star system (although ludicrous and not credible) only compares same category seats and is very misleading.
      Ie they might rate a particular 6m-8y booster seat using the lapsash belt 4 stars, and then rate a 6m-8y fully harnessed seat 3 stars, which leads people to think the booster is safer when in reality a 5 point harness is always the safer option.
      (I think they're actually 6 point harnesses as there's 2 fixed points on the crotch buckle, but I'm not sure on that. But 5 point or 6 point, harnessed is safer e.g. race car drivers)

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    Australian standards are shit… why do they not allow boosters that use isofix..


      That is incorrect. Isofix is allowed and there are plenty in the market of that kind. They are usually more expensive and in reality they are not proven to be any safer than a properly fitted seat as it is. Isofix is just convenient, that's all.


      Australuan standards are actually really good, we test for rollovers which I believe a lot of other countries don't.
      Isofix goes by weight. Child restraints go by height markers/ages. They don't allow seats where it's likely you'll need to stop using isofix and reinstall via seatbelt when your child/the weight of the seat combined go over the isofix weight limit.
      A lot of people have enough trouble using the most appropriate seat and installing it correctly as it is unfortunately without confusing the matter any further.
      Isofix installation isn't any safer, just an alternative to using the seatbelt install ☺


        Australia has converted the ISOfix to AS/NZSfix. :P
        While I agree the AS/NZS system is secure if done properly, the isofix just minimise the human error aspect of installation. Isofix will click in place indicating its in place, push seat against the seat, put on the top tether and you're done. The seat belt way can leave too much room for error in my opinion. I still know people who needs to get the seats "professionally installed"


    Found isofix belt on eBay, I think it is helpful. And cost only a little.