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Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Cream $18.35 ($16.51 Subscribe & Save) or Balm (OOS) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon AU


Cheapest I've seen. This stuff sells for $29.99 at Chemist's Warehouse.

It's not cheap but its the only stuff that works for my bubble-wrapped kids' eczema. I know many other parents swear by it.

Balm Sold out

Unfortunately there's a limit of three per product per account. Most of the Mustela range looks like it's discounted too.

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    Hi OP try ordering twice sometimes works


    I only get 10% off by subscribe.


    What's with the subscription discounts? Do people actually want one delivered every month or cna you "subscribe" and cancel immediately?


    Amazing price. Well below supplier price


    That balm sold out fast. We haven’t tried this. Does it also reduce the itch?

    Have you tried epaderm ointment? $15 for 500g

    Is the balm thicker than the cream?

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      Yes, the balm has a thicker consistency compared to the cream. We tend to use the balm during winter and the lighter cream during summer. We've been trying different brands on our kids suffering form mild eczema and I can vouch for Mustela, it's the best (for my kids) out there. And I guess it reduces the itch by keeping the skin well hydrated.
      I use Epaderm cream myself and I get them from Superpharmacy (cheapest in Perth). Tried the ointment but that's too oily for my liking.


    Is this more effective than cortisone?

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