Sony WH1000XM3, Are These Normal Minor Problems with These Headphones?

I got these headphones from Amazon black friday Sale (arrived 3 days ago)

Hey everyone.
Please forgive me if this has already been answered. I do not often look for problems with the things I buy however I have not owned noise cancelling headphones before.

  1. Small creaking noise from the right hand side of the headband. Everytime I flex to put it on I can hear a small creak…is this normal?

  2. On NC mode, every time I walk fast or run, I hear a thud sound. Is this just a normal operating for the NC mode.
    Only really happens on NC.

Headphones sound amazing and just wanted to seek clarification before the 30 days is up, in case I need to return them.



  • I don't have either of those issues and I've owned them since they came out. I only use them on NC mode. Have you downloaded the app and updated firmware?


    Yeah I have the app and downloaded the firmware.
    I was told the thud noise could be because of the pressure from the NC. I mean thats not a big deal breaker for me.

    I am more worried about the creaking after only using them intermittently for 3 days.

    • I get the "thud" from all my ANC headphones while walking, not just with Sony


        Yeah thought that was the case. Honestly that was just to confirm it does happen to some people:) cheers.

  • they are prone to breaking at the headband

  • I owned an WH 1000xm2, has exact same problem, by the time I realised that is a common problem with Sony ANC headphones (mainly googling), it's too late for me to get warranty. I would recommend to have your headphone check and replace


      The thread you have linked is different to the problem mine are facing. It could be just me being pedantic and thinking the plastic noise is worse then what it is. I am worried that I will return it for something twice as bad.

      • My bad, could have link a better link. Those little things will become more and more annoying, made me stop using it as much (mostly for flights now).

  • Mine creek when I pull them apart to put them on but it hasn't concerned me as yet. After six months of frequent use, they are in perfect condition. Never noticed the NC thud you describe.

  • I don't think I've encountered that problem. This is certainly a tough one. Personally, if it isn't creaking when in use, I probably wouldn't worry about it.

    I've had the thud before, I don't know if I just got used to it but it's not something I notice now if it's still happening.


      Yeah this is the thing. I feel like i am over thinking it, which I have a tendency to do.

      The thud, I can get over. and the creak only happens when i put the head phones on or taking it off.

      Thanks:) I will stick with them for the 30 day and if they seem to get worst I will deal with it then.


    Thanks for the replies everyone. Appreciate it. I will stick with them and just stop over thinking it until it becomes a bigger problem. I don't think it warrants a return as yet, in saying that at least they are covered for a year.

    • Enjoy them. I have had the Xm2 for ages and bought my wife the Xm3s. She loves them. Now you can start wanting the Xm4s when then come out.

  • I have both these issues with mine. I think they're normal.

  • I have both these issues. I sent mine back to Sony because of the creaking and they sent them back saying it was normal and not a reason to replace them under warranty.

    • I would agree that the creaking is probably doesn't effect the use. There must be something in that right side that gets rubbed against the plastic or what ever to make the noise as the left doesn't do the same thing.

  • I just picked up my wifes headphones and there is the slight crackling noise when you turn the right cup to the full turn. The left cup doesn't make the same noise. Interesting. She has noticed some random 1 sec or so drop out which is more annoying. Seems to be a recent thing. Not to divert the post topic, but does anyone have drop out issues with the Xm3s.

  • Do you notice any sound lag when watching Video? Especially on Youtube? Thanks

  • I had the same NC issue.

    In the app I turned off "Adaptive Sound Control" which did the trick.