List Your Logitech MX Master 3 Issues/Problems

Just bought a new Mx Master 3 and have noticed one thing that I am unsure is an issue or "normal behaviour".

Mouse wheel in ratchet mode can be pushed loosely to the left. There is also a crunchy feeling when clicking the wheel when it is in ratchet mode. Going to freewheel fixes this. When I go back to ratchet mode the wheel shifts back over to the right slightly and the crunchy click comes back.

Video below shows this at 11 and 18 seconds in.

To be more clear in ratchet mode it feels that the mouse wheel sinks further down past its initial click (2 clicking sensations) and is rather clunky

Let me know if anyone else has this or if mine is a dud !


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    Talk to the Logitech, they got good customer service.


    Hey mate, know this was a while ago.
    But what ended up happening with this?

    I got the MX Master 3 today and noticed the slight wiggle to the left as well.