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Need an honest advise. I purchased a 1 yr old investment property a house, which was already tenanted. After a new tenant moved-in I came to know that there is no internet connection at the property, no fixed line, socket etc. I contacted nbn and came to know that the request was never lodged to them by the developer and would take 4-6 months to get the connection. I have lodged an application with nbn but I was checking for ADSL+ availability in the mean time and telstra told me it is not available in my "area", so I can't get the wired broadband and the only option is mobile broadband. One of the technician told me (who apparently also works for nbn) that he can lay a copper wire line and get the broadband (ADSL+) for $$. I'm a bit confused by what telstra has told me and what this technician is telling me. As it is causing inconvenience to my tenants, I want to get this sorted soon.

Can anyone advise how to go about this? Is mobile broadband the only option? Should I rely on what technician is advising?



    you can't get ADSL when NBN is live, no?
    does the address come up to in the coverage map on the NBN website?


      nbn is available in the neighboring properties. The only issue is developer didn't lodge application with the nbn.

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    pm me your address, i'll check it out


    It is nice to see a landlord concerned about their tenants, but is this your problem or their problem to solve?
    Was the property specifically advertised as with internet connection?

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