Any Fuji Users Saw Ted's Camera Deal?

So, I was browsing for the 50-140mm few days ago and came across this deal at Ted's. The lens was going for $1699 BEFORE the $250 cashback. It was probably the Black Friday pricing.

Then I realised the Ted's eBay store was doing an extra $100 on top!

Since I am heading overseas soon there will be another $154 in GST savings via TRS!

$1699 - $250 - $100 - $154 = $1195

We are talking about a great quality 70-200 f/2.8 IS (equivalent) for less than $1200! Even my boss said go ahead - that NEVER happens!

Unfortunately I was dumb enough to sit on it and didn't place the order straightaway. HOURS later in the next morning, the price gone back to $2000 before cash back. The eBay $100 discount also ended.


Sorry about the rant. I was just wondering if anyone out there managed to do the right thing and hit that buy button in time.


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    I procrastinated also.

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    Camera Pro in Brisbane is a great Fuji supplier - I get much of my Fuji kit from there ….also Cashrewards has 1.4% on this site. Fuji have a cashback to early Jan, but I think you have to submit within around 20 days from purchase. Just expecting a order to arrive today!.

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    Yup. I picked up the 100-400 for significantly cheaper than usual.

    Ted's usually has it for $2449.95, after the black friday reduction and ebay's voucher I got it for 1882, after cash back it'll be $1632. I was prepared to fork out 2k odd for it as well.

    Just need ted's to ship the bloody thing now.


      Well done! I am glad a fellow fuji shooter got their stuff together and make the purchase at the right time!

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