Anyone Gotten Their S50 Shipped from Gshopper_mi yet?

Anyone who purchased from this deal gotten their vacuum sent yet? I ordered one for someone's Xmas present but now not sure if it'll arrive in time. I have contacted the rep on Ozbargain and sent a msg through eBay but still no reponses.

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eBay Australia gshopper_mi
eBay Australia gshopper_mi



    Hey - I have done the same both via ebay and ozbargain and no responses so far. Estimated delivery is 9-16 Dec but it isn't flagged as shipped yet. There is still plenty of time, but 3 days after purchase with no information is alarming.


    I asked them via ebay and I got this response.

    Hi, there
    Sorry for keeping you waiting for such a long time.Firstly, we must apologize for the delay. Due to huge pressure of the shopping festival, there are something unpredictable happened, the warehouse mixed our S50 stocks with other items, they are checking for this, thus caused the delay.We feel so sorry for keeping you waiting.Things will be solved within 1-2 business days, we will inform you after we send out the package.
    For apologize, we will send you a free gift that will ship with the S50, hope you can feel my sincerely apology. If you have any other ideas, please kindly let me konw. Thank you so much.
    Gift picture attached ( random color).
    Best regards"

    The gift is some kind of a hiking bag?

    Hopefully they ship them early next week.


      Just got an email saying mine has been sent.


        I got one the other day too but just today they sent me another message that shipping might be delayed by another 3 days? They even provided a tracking number. :S


          Yes I too got this yesterday. I have given them til then end if the week to send it or I'll request a refund.

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          I found that very cheeky that they marked it as shipped and provided a shipping numbers … then email to say it wont be shipped until Wednesday. The wording they use (apart from being poor English) implies that order is coming from an international distribution center and not the NSW location as per the advertisement. They also state if its not shipped by Thursday they will refund, which simply isn't good enough as I have wasted time in their product that I could have invested in getting one before xmas somewhere else.


            @cypher67: I agree. The item better be as described when it arrives else they will be getting a complaint. I can understand a shipping delay this time of year but this seems excessive and it just doesnt feel right.


    Got mine today.

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