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Neewer Protective Water Resistant Camera Bag (Grey Interior) - $17.54 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39+) @ Peak Catch Amazon AU

  • Reinforced structure, keeps your equipment organized and well protected.
  • Exterior material is water resistant polyester/nylon. This backpack protects your precious photography equipment well.
  • Pro-backpack with strap on both sides for firmly holding your tripod or umbrella which will not drop down easily when you are walking or running.

  • External Color: Black

  • Internal Color: Grey
  • Dimensions: 11.8x5.5x14.6 inches/30x14x37 centimeters

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    If you have spent thousands in camera gear who will use this cheap bag for the lenses. Just a quick browse on aliexpress you can find similar crappy quality for the same discounted price.


      Neweer seems to be at least a step above bottom of the barrel. I'm happy with the tripod monopod combo I got from them. A bags just a bag really, camera accessories are price gouged through the room.

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      I have this bag. The internal dividers are just some soft material, not rigid. The sides are not rigid. The top handle broke off the bag after a couple of months. The shoulder strap adjuster gets loose and the straps slide down.

      I don't use mine any more and got a decent second hand Lowepro bag.

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        I stand corrected.

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        I have a small lowpro bag as well.
        This one most likely not as good - see my comment below.
        $17 for a storage bag which would provide protection to your camera and a few lenses from dust, humidity and possibly random falls off the shelf.
        I think it is a great value.


    Bought similar from ebay for my expensive gea. its decent ,litght weight n has a loop for my tripod


    Thanks a lot. I doubt I gonna use as a backpack but even as a storage bag for a camera and lenses it is a great value for $17.


    I think you can trust Neewer with batteries. Maybe basic lighting (I just bout the 660's as a budget light). But as above, I'm not sure I would trust my expensive gear in flimsy bags. I would probably use as a storage bag, however not to bring out for shoots.

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    You can always return and refund if you are not happy with quality thru amazon

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    You sort of get what you pay for really. At the end of the day if you're serious about photography you might be carrying around, just in lenses…

    35mm f/1.4 II USM
    24-70mm f/2.8L II USM
    70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM

    Straight up you're looking at carrying $8k+ worth of glass in a $17 bag…then Body wise you add more. Do you really want to be carrying that sort of kit in this bag? :) Even if you have cheaper lenses/bodies. You're still looking at a cheap bag for a couple of thousand worth of kit…just a crazy risk vs. reward threshold if you ask me.


    I have just received it.
    Reasonably good quality of material and quite good padding as well.
    For the price it is a no brainer.


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