Paying for Club Jetstar, Is It Worth It?

From Oxford
an organized group of criminals.
"a gang of bank robbers"

Can't find much relevant info for what's in it for me therefore i'm using the Queens English and Jetstar have a word smear campaign to club more money out of you.

an association dedicated to a particular interest or activity.
"I belong to a photographic club"

I don't give a shit about jetstar so it's not a club, just want a cheap flight, right times and don't want to pay their extortion $8.50 charge to pay them charge.

If I join their gang do they charge me $55 + $8.50 fee to pay them?

Once I'm in their gang do they waive the pay them fee for booking flights or is that still applicable whether you're a gang member or not?

Reason, I'm looking for a flight out of SIN $65 SGN gang member or $91 SGN non gang it would be worthwhile if they'd drop the payment fee

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    “I don't want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members.” Groucho Marx

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    Don't worry, Medicare will cover the sessions you need

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    it would be worth while if they'd drop the payment fee

    I believe there's no payment fee if you use gift cards to pay for the fare. Worthwhile if you can get your hands on discounted GCs.


      Thanks I'm looking around works out the flight is 108 AUD NGM (Non gang member) reads in Tc's remanded of Gc is forfeited can only be used on 1 flight. If I have to pay the extra $8 by card I think they're saying it attracts a payment fee so it would cost $16.50 to owe the $8? Haven't done this method before

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    Jetstar are scumbags.

    I was recently booking a flight for 2 in the week before xmas - chose fare, baggage, picked seats, filled in personal details - enter my CC details and click pay and was greeted by a message that the price was no longer available and that I was able to go back and book the EXACT SAME SEATS ON THE EXACT SAME FLIGHTS for an extra $100. Goddamn criminals.

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      While you are doing all the steps , the ticket of the price has been booked by other people hence this happened.


        Yes I get that is their stated reason but:

        a) there is no proof this happens at all. maybe Jetstar just worked out that a % of sales can be jacked for no reason and ppl won't leave (ie they will pay) and it's all just algorithm based

        b) when the session is active the price should be honoured. They should just not allow a new session at that price if exhausted.

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      Just banged mine up 91 SGD to 96 SGD
      Gang bangers UHHHH


    'their gang'


    Why not go via scoot?


      Scoot don't fly there but want to get to SIN with Scoot.
      Air Asia takes 24 hrs only $230 + hotel in KUL for 11 hrs that's not going to happen.

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    It's a psychological ploy. Ebay plus, amazon prime etc, anaconda - many retail stores have this system. By investing in it, you're paying them for your commitment to become a vigilant customer. It means they have a captive client base - they don't have to compete as much for your dollar. They don't have to catch your attention and bring you in from the general crowd - you're already there, waiting and watching.


    A free card with a discount attached saves me $1 a week and it's not out of my way. Sighn me up. If they sell my info knowing I buy the cheapest groceries/dry goods every week good luck to them I don't care.


    The etymology associates the word with CLUMP, so in this context "1 Star" is correct.
    However, it all could be a joke at your expense as CLUMP inferring passengers are all CLUMPED together.


    The Club is aimed at regular flyers
    Not flyers-by-night


    If you join, can you book flights within your membership year for the time after expiry?

    So member Jan 2020-Jan2021. Could I book a flight in Dec2020 to fly Mar 2021 (the cheaper club cost I mean of course)?

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