Tourist Refund Scheme - buy item for family member

I live and work in Australia. Going home to NZ for Christmas and my mum asked me to buy her an apple watch.

Can I claim back GST on this item under the TRS as I won't be bringing it back to Australia when I return in 2 weeks… If I can claim GST back in AU, will I then need to pay tax when I enter NZ?

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    Can I claim back gst on this item under the TRS


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    will I then need to pay tax when I enter NZ?

    Put the box in your check in and wear the watch.

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      You won’t need to wear the watch if you’re keeping it boxed. If it’s for OPs mum, just take the box as is on board. Much easier than opening it up when it’s not for OP.

      Likewise, you wouldn’t need to take the box if you were keeping it for yourself and wearing it.


    You can claim GST under TRS.
    How much is the watch anyway?

    You may have to pay tax on NZ, unless you are either under the NZ duty free allowance, or after crossing the customs in Australia, you can just wear it and say it is yours (at the NZ customs, in the unlikely case they ask).


    In oz you can claim gst and in nz you can say its your phone.. no need to pay tax there


    Yeah, just ensure you cater for claim time at airports before flights