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HOYTS Movie Tickets General Admission $9.99, HOYTS LUX $24.99 @ Scoopon


FLASH SALE! HOYTS Movie Tickets from $9.99

Save big with $9.99 General Admission tickets and $24.99 HOYTS LUX tickets.

  • Valid for sessions screening between Thursday 5 December – Tuesday 17 December only
  • Not valid Saturdays after 5:00pm and public holidays
  • Not valid for FROZEN 2
  • Valid for any DBOX, 3D and/or Xtremescreen movie session with an upgrade fee, which will be applied at the time of redemption
  • A booking fee of $1.50 per ticket (or $3 per HOYTS LUX ticket) applies to all online bookings

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    I think this has already been posted.
    Edit…maybe I seen in my email last week. I got excited thinking I'd get cheap Star Wars tickets but the deal finishes 2 day prior 🤨


      Depending on how TROS performs, i'd expect discounted/'free' tickets to be available mid-January.

      No rush though. What else is on in December/January apart from occasional 40'c heat waves?

    • +2 votes

      This deal is out prescisely because of star wars, there's nothing to see ATM except frozen 2 and they need to put bums in seats until the star wars rush starts.


      Woolworths have Hoyts gift card at 10% off at the moment. 15% off if you price match the gift card at Officeworks or have as.

      Couple with $12.5 ticket from Optus perks is pretty close to $10


    thanks OP, I wanted to watch a movie tomorrow night that didn't have saver tixs :)


    Think it was Cudo deal a couple of days ago.

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    What’s so good about frozen 2 lol.


    damn. Not valid during Skywalker dates

  • +6 votes

    Valid for 9 days…. when there's nothing but crap on :(.

    They've even restricted Frozen 2. God I hate Hoyts.

  • +10 votes

    I'd sure appreciate ANY theatre that would have showings which admit only 18+. I've decided not to even try any more to go out to a theatre, though I'd LOVE to go.

    Every.single.time, at the last minute (or as we enter), in comes parents with toddlers— at the latest showing!

    I'm so over this. When raising my two, I didn't even take them out unless it was an appropriate venue—> for children.

    My husband & I would even take turns, by all of us going in to order— then one of us adults would take the two kids (2-5 yrs) outside to run around whilst the other enjoyed a relaxing drink inside. When I or he was about finished with our drink, we'd order the other's drink & when it came— switched places. When the food was delivered, we all went in to eat. It was lovely and we all enjoyed our time out together— including the other patrons who didn't pay to go out to have to listen to people yell at their children for the entire time, or worse, let them run around making the entire night a flop for everyone else.

    Seriously, I really think there ought to be a cut-off of children-allowed times. I'd say anything after 8pm. Feel free to disagree, but as parent, even I don't want this world set up as if we must always account for children which are brought into adult atmospheres (children needing to go to bed at home) simply because the parents won't spring for a sitter. How does this even insert itself into 18+ movies?

    • -1 vote

      Even though it's not formally restricted, I think those 8pm or later sessions are your best bet to avoid kids at the movies

      • +3 votes

        Every.single.time, at the last minute (or as we enter), in comes parents with toddlers— at the latest showing


      Try smaller art house cinemas instead of the big chain.


    For some reason the payment derped for me on this and I have a feeling my cashrewards isn't going to register. Is this a situation where you would submit a support ticket?


      cash-rewards worked for me.. 54c for 2 tickets purchased. Unless u bought 10+i wouldn't bother claiming LOL


    Can this be used for the Adams family?

  • +1 vote

    That's a shit deal.. too much restrictions for a movie ticket just pay the full fee and enjoy it the way u like it..

    • +2 votes

      just pay the full fee and enjoy it the way u like it..

      Nah, so many organisations offer discounted movie tickets (telstra thanks, optus rewards, RACV, my local newsagents) you'd be a sucker to buy it at the full price.