Sydney Water Restrictions - Smart Drop Irrigation System

Hey guys. Need advice where would be the best place to get a Smart Drip Irrigation System from. Level 2 kick in in a couple of days and watering the plants with a can or bucket seems a bit hard to do when you have hundreds of plants on the ground and in pots.
What can I say I have a pot addiction and a green thumb.
I would also appreciate tips from any fellow ozbargainers who share the love for plants on how to keep the plants going healthy during this drought.
I have many succulents which will be ok but also have tropical plants that need to be watered.
Peace and TIA ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฝ ๐ŸŒบ


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    I have a pot addiction and a green thumb

    Move to Canberra, I hear you can now legally grow two plants per house hold. Ganja heaven …

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      Yeah, two plants isn't going to put you in heaven. In South Australia it's one plant and while that's good as far as it goes, it may as well still be outright illegal. One plant is almost pointless.


    Try a linktap device that has the rain sensor feature.

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    You have a pot addiction? First step in overcoming a problem is admitting that you have one. Well done.


      With that addiction you should possibly consider the implications of breaching the restrictions VS pot withdrawals

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    I use a 2L coke bottle…at the bottom put a very small pin hole.

    The water will come out in slow droplets. Lasts hours.

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    Rainbird products are fairly good but a bit pricey.

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    Looked at the Holman but not sure if itโ€™s an good

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    If you have a large shell pool. Put your pots in there and fill it with water, determine how high to fill it with the size of the pot. Your plants will survive. Keep it out of the sun. It's a good thing to do if your on holiday.

    As for ground plants. I would water it heavily and the mulch it with sugar cane a few cm thick. This will keep the moisture in for a long time.


    Think of install rain water tank and use the water to collect to your hose, rain is coming to Sydney later this week in Sydney.


      Any good place to get rain water tanks at a good price?

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        Aldi usually have a 100l one this time of the year, but as yet hasn't eventuated. I though about connecting a Wizbin to the drain, and connecting a tap.

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