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twohundredº Cold Brew Coffee Maker $54 Shipped (RRP $129) via Amazon AU


Just spotted that Amazon are running another Lightning Deal on our twohundredº Cold Brew Coffee Maker due to its popularity last time. Admittedly not as good a deal as the Black Friday promotion we ran, but at a $75 saving this is still a bargain in time for Christmas!

Free standard shipping from Amazon as it's over their $39 free delivery cut off.
Limited to 100 units.
Only one hour left (ends at 7:25pm) - sorry for the late notice!

Happy shopping!

twohundredº is a small, family-run business based in Manly, NSW. Run by founders Sarah and Andrew, we pride ourselves on great customer service and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee; any problems or questions and we ask you simply email us at sarah@twohundreddegrees.com and we'll get it sorted for you immediately.
If, in the unfortunate event Amazon is heavy-handed with your order and it doesn't quite make it to you in one piece, please just let us know by email and we will get a brand new one shipped out to you straight away.
We read every single email and respond personally; we're on your time zone so no waiting around for America to wake up!
All our stock is already in Australia, meaning fast shipping times, no customs troubles, and a lower carbon footprint.

Our Cold Brew Coffee Maker is something we're really passionate about.
- It makes delicious cold brew coffee and fruit-infused tea with minimal effort: simply set it soaking in the afternoon/evening and allow it to steep overnight, then wake up to delicious cold brew in the morning.
- It is beautifully made and elegantly designed; high quality hand-blown borosilicate glass and a re-useable stainless steel filter mean there's no plastic to hold the flavour, and no disposable parts going to landfill.
- The silicone gasket ensures a near-airtight seal so the coffee stays fresh in the fridge for a week or more, and your coffee won't end up tasting like fridge!

We hope you'll love it as much as we do, but remember - if you're not completely happy, just let us know and we'll do our best to make it right :)

THANK YOU for supporting a local business, and happy cold brewing!

Sarah and Andrew - twohundredº

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    Previous lowest price 45 shipped
    Reviews are nice!
    Why if based in AU, it's labelled with ounces metric?


      Hi Yamun121,

      That's right, our Black Friday deal is the lowest we've ever gone and we don't intend to drop to that price again (well, maybe something similar for Black Friday next year, who knows! But that's a very long way off ;) )

      Great question and good spot on the markings!! We are based in Manly, NSW, and all our stock is now here (most of it taking up our spare room in our home!). However, we initially started selling to the bigger US market on Amazon.com a few years ago before Amazon.au was a thing. When we realised there was such a gap in the emerging cold brew market over here, we decided it was time to put that right! So we shipped all of our stock over here from the US and now sell solely in Australia and New Zealand. But this does mean the markings are still in ounces, well spotted ;)

      We have had some great feedback from customers and many of the Amazon.com (US) reviews are dated from before we updated the design to include the near-airtight lid. We previously had an open spout on the first version, but based on the feedback we received from customers, changed this to the new improved version with the very small spout, allowing for easy pouring whilst keeping your cold brew fresh!

      Happy shopping :)

      Sarah - twohundredº

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    Hi Sarah at $45 I would be in


    Over four times price of this.

    What is the benefits?

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