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$10 off - Who Gives A Crap The Gift Edition Toilet Rolls 48 Bamboo Long Rolls for $46


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$10 OFF = $46 for 48 Extra Long Toilet Rolls (normally $56)

Received this email today

It’s been a while since you had our rolls around the loo. We miss you!
We have a new limited edition out and we’re giving you $10 OFF! The Gift Edition is made from our premium 100% bamboo, these are our softest and most festive rolls ever. Here’s the catch – they’re selling out globally and there’s only a limited supply left in South Australia.
We really think you’ll love it, so come back and wipe with us and get $10 OFF!

T&Cs: Offer expires 12/12/19 at midnight AEST. $10 off promo automatically applies to your next one-time purchase of The Gift Edition Toilet Paper and can not be combined with any other discounts or offers. Valid in Australia only.


50% of profits donated to help build toilets
Made from forest friendly bamboo fibres
100% money back guarantee
Double-length rolls have 370 sheets each
Fits in almost all loo roll holders
Sheets are 10x10cm each
3-ply is super soft and super strong
A-ok for most septic tanks
No inks, dyes or scents

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    Price in title please.

  • +3 votes

    $46 for 48 rolls x 370 sheets. Works out to be 21.4c/100 sheets, which is about 10% more expensive (19.6c/100 sheets) than the recent Quilton 45 roll pack via Amazon using prime subscription.

    Also, if you have never purchased WGAC tp before you can use a referral link and then someone else also gets $10 off their next order.

  • +1 vote

    Christmas presents sorted.

  • +2 votes

    If it's not fit for a panda, it's not fit for my bum

  • +1 vote

    Anyone tried the 100% bamboo before? Trying to be ethically conscious but luscious TP is one of the few luxuries I haven't given up!

  • -1 vote

    Too much information there jay6


    It feels rougher, but it works way better. Btw, Add is Targeted.


    Would the planet be better off if someone were to buy coles basic bog roll then donate the difference in cost to reforesting projects?


      Yep. This seems really gimmicky


      Bamboo is a great sustainable option as it’s naturally fast growing and rapidly renewable. It also uses far less land than trees and produces less particulate matter and CO2 emissions per tonne of paper produced. It requires no tending, irrigation or fertilisation and only needs to be harvested once a year (it grows back very quickly after harvesting, as it’s technically a grass).

      However it's unfortunately farmed in China (if you're trying to avoid buying Chinese products right now), but they seem to claim it's not industrial scale farming but as a supplement to farmers/villages.

      Our bamboo is predominantly grown in remote areas of Sichuan Province, China by local farmers who plant bamboo on the outskirts of their family farms to supplement their income. Unlike industrial agriculture (like special forests created for toilet paper and other paper products) no vast areas of land is cleared. On top of this, the bamboo process is all very localised. Each village has their own bamboo co-op and after it has been harvested, it gets chipped and then goes to a local pulp factory.

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    Thanks. Ordered. I have been waiting for a coupon to try these loo papers.

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