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20% off Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Laptop 3, Book 2 @ Harvey Norman


20% off Microsoft Surface @ Harvey Norman. (excludes Surface GO, Laptop 2 and Pro X models)

I posted the deal about JB offering 15-20% off these models but then I saw them cheaper at HN. (Who'd have though HN would be cheaper.)

Hope this helps.

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Harvey Norman

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    Any idea when this sale finishes?

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    This deal is as good as it gets for the surface range, when I took advantage of this JB price match 18 months ago they complained (and I saw on their POS system) that this pricing is below cost for them.

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      Just note that this is a typical line in JB Hifi. Yes it's technically below cost but it's the cost to the store's bottom line. JB Hifi will still make money, just that it goes into the corporate basket rather than the stores basket.


      Remember, store staff don't have the real cost price, or the rebate scheme….



    $1599 for the 15" model must be a record low price!

    $2000 is teh full price if Im not mistaken

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      Lol, 8GB/128GB. Seems expensive.


        It's a bit of a joke in 2019. They only make that model to suit a low price point for marketing purposes.

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          I purchased a 128gb for my partner, who frickin lives it for a work productivity tool.

          When most of your work is web-based or in the office suite, the disk rarely goes over 50% usage. Streaming video and music fulfil most people’s entertainment needs.


        The screen are superb, but I agree that an extra 128gb should only be a marginal bump in price.

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    Just spoke to Microsoft online. Surface 3 laptops have a new RRP.

    The $2000 model is now $1700 on their store without any sale or discount.


      Isn't it still then 15% off sale that they been running since black friday sales? It was 20% for a couple weeks to match the Harvey Norman offer.

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    Education Store price for the (previously) $2000 model is now $1529.19

    Pair this with ShopBacks 10% cashback and it comes out at $1376.28

    Take a further $100 with the Amex Deal $1276.28

    Then top it off with a $125.12 TRS refund at the airport

    Brings it to a sweet $1151.16



    What would be best, this, or the Huawei Matebook 13 for $1188, or the Dell XPS 13 9380 for $1499? Please halp me decide.

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      Go on Google and search xps 13 problems


      Theyre all basically the sam performance wise.

      Get this if you value quality bright displays that are an optimum shape for productivity.

      XPS if you want a widescreen.

      Haven’t used a Huawei but I recall the screens and build quality are a little sub par.


    Looking at SP7 i5 128GB: JB 15% off is $1199, HN 20% off is also $1199 !!


    the Microsoft store matches any other price right? so you could just goto Microsoft and get it by matching Harvey Norman's price and have free returns


    JB and the MS store have the same deal (although you might not be able to choose the colours of the cover with JB).


    I notice that Microsoft have the surface laptop 3 i5 256gb 8gb ram as 1599…without the education….

    Does that mean its as easy as going through the shopback 10% to get it off the 1599 price.
    Excuse my dumbness i have never used shopback before….


    When is best time/place to buy Microsoft devices? Before Xmas (e.g. this deal)? New Year deals?

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