expired Finish Powerball All in One 70 Pack $15.95, Nescafe 200g $3.98 and More - Shipping Cap $11.95


Hi! We've got a great deal today on Finish Powerball All in Ones - works out to only 22 cents each (normally 52 cents ea from Coles etc), and Nescafe @ $3.98. Whilst it won't make any sense to order just 1 item online with our groceries and baby goods shipping cap the more you order the more you save.

The Powerballs are a massive saving and are selling very quickly!

SHIPPING NOTE: Buy up any of our 'Groceries' or 'Baby' goods and save more with our $11.95 Australia Wide shipping cap. So get your Finish Powerballs, Nescafe, Harpic Toilet Cleaner, Listerine, Batteries, Morning Fresh, Soap, Colgate Toothpaste and more from us and save BIG! The most you will pay for shipping to your door is $11.95.

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      Hi "mattlol"… which quoted prices are ridiculous I will look into it? Example please. Not many items made in Australia these days "mattlol" parallel importing is a way to combat the anti competitive pricing of the big chains, consumers can save a lot this way.

      Coles sell a 56 pack of the same powerballs for $28.88 online right now! Our offer is well over 50% off.

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    And why are parallel imports crappy? They are essential to breaking the cartels that steal from us every day.

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      There were some Colgate toothbrushes that went cheap through ozsales it think. When I got them they were genuine, but "Approved by the Indian Dental Association" along with Indian distibution details on the back and were of a far lower quality. Some parallel imports are just the items that didn't meet the quality control for Australia.

      I'm not commenting directly on this deal, but just gray / parallel imports in general.


      I buy Colgate toothpaste targeted towards the Vietnamese market. It tastes the same and has the same ingredients as the Thai made product for our market. I don't know about Indian made Colgate toothbrushes, but the Indian Colgate toothpaste I used was of the same quality and texture as the local product.


    only problem I see with this is shipping cost. Is there a way to avoid shipping?


      Hi Ewpnx, the idea with the $11.95 shipping cap is to buy up on grocery items as each item we've listed represents an excellent saving vs traditional store prices. We're working on increasing our grocery lines even more to encompass the daily consumable needs of most consumers, currently there is a reasonable range of top brand items significantly reduced i.e. Colgate 360 toothbrush $5.99 at the supermarkets, $1.95 for us - unfortunately freight cost is an unavoidable expense for online sales.


    Where are the Dove soaps made? I think the ones I buy from Woolies or Coles are made in Europe (Germany?)… are these ones the same?

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    that nestle coffee is a crappy import dont buy it it tastes like crap.


    a lot of these parallel imports may carry the same logo but don't for a second they're necessarily going to be of the same standard you've come to expect from the brand. many of these products are produced in poorer countries with basically no quality control.

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