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Teeling 24 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey 700ml $500 @ Dan Murphy's


This 24 years old Teeling is part of the oldest stocks from the old Cooley stocks.
The whisky first matured in former bourbon casks and then got a finish on Sauternes casks. Limited to 5,000 bottles per batch and bottled at 46% with no chill filtration completing a whiskey of true character.

Awarded World’s Best Single Malt, 2019 at the World Whiskies Awards. It is the first time an Irish whiskey has been named as the world’s best single malt.

This normally sells for $600 in australia and more overseas

Ive never tried it personally, however given it got best single malt in the world this year, its got to be decent,

Probably more suited for those that really can appreciate Irish whiskeys, and single malts + those looking for something collectable, and potential investment

These were on sale in store only for the same price 3 months ago, and sold out pretty quickly

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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  • +9

    In b4 mixing and bought 10 jokes.

    • +2

      Took 10 minutes

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      What’s wrong with mixing it anyway. If you can’t taste it through a mixer then your taste buds probably broken. Whiskey has a really strong flavor.

      • +4

        Yeah what’s wrong with mixing a $500 whiskey with Coke…

  • +1

    Gotta love a good 24yo

    • +12

      18yo is cheaper, but gives you more of a headache later,

  • +8

    Cheers OP. Bought 10 to mix with coke

    • +4

      Bought 10 to mix with coke Pepsi


      • +2

        Actually, I think LA Ice is on special…

        • I can get Dr Pepper at my local independent grocer.


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    Waiting for the 'Carlton 1995 Premiers Special Edition Limited Release'….will be weak as piss no doubt

  • +2

    $500 for 700ml is ~71.4 cents a single ml

    A single shot is 30ml that is ~$21.4 per shot

    $21-23 was my entire food and drink budget per week when i was at uni…..

    • +1

      This is a much better way to impress girls at uni. I dont even recall eating when I was going through uni, but still have vivid memories of drinking.

      • +7

        girls at uni
        much better

        Reorganised that for you

  • How do you know it is really 24 years ;)

    • +5

      It knows the names of everyone in One Direction

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    joke posts are banned hombre

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    Irish whiskey is usually bland and uninteresting. It's a "feature" lol

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      get real

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        I am.