Kogan.com Price Guarantee Is Just a Gimmick Unlike Officeworks?

I submitted a price guarantee on a asus router. So I thought maybe I will submit a price guarantee to them as I was planning to buy other stuff from Kogan.

Here is the policy

However, this is the email I got the next day. I really hate company using this guarantee and couldn't do it like Officeworks. I have contacted ACCC about this kind of misleading information. Has anyone else got experience on this?

Thank you for your interest in Kogan.com.

The prices that we have listed on our website are the lowest possible, and we are unable to price match on this occasion.

We work hard to bring our customers the lowest price by sourcing our products from all around the world.

On rare occasions you may find a product at a lower price than Kogan.com, however, you should ensure that you are comparing all aspects of the offer including:
• Kogan.com provides comprehensive Australia wide warranty.
• Kogan.com is a trusted Australian brand that has been around for over a decade.
• Kogan.com offer Australian based customer service and support.
• Kogan.com offer competitive Australia wide delivery rates

If you believe that you have found a deal that satisfies your needs and the price is cheaper than Kogan.com, then you have found an amazing deal!

Chances are, it's a limited time only promotion from the retailer, so we suggest you snap it up!

Thank you for your patience and please feel free to contact us if we can help you with anything else.

Kindest regards,
Customer Care Team

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    Lol. Yap accc

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    Geez. But ye, Kogan customer care is the worst. I always tell people never to give any money to that mob.

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    But that page doesnt actually say they guarantee to beat prices uve found elsewhere

    It just says they'll be shocked

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      Was about to say that. They've specifically mentioned nothing about matching/beating, just that they'll be "shocked"

      • That is shocking news.

    • I'll prepare the electrodes.

    • Some cheeky lawyer may have assisted with the shocking wording of that price guarantee!

    • +3

      Rep doesn't seem shocked. I think we have a case here

      • Good pickup. Winnie from Kogan did not imply in any way that she was SHOCKED by this news. I would write back demanding more shock or my money back.

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    Winnie didnt seem shocked to me…

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    Funny thing is i find Office works to be shiftier when it comes to price matching
    while the certainly price match and do on many things.
    they are also known for requiring suppliers (HP, Acer etc) to give them identical products with UNIQUE model numbers
    Laptops, Printers the list goes on, Exact same as one sold elsewhere except the model number is different so they do not have to match the price as they are not identical.

    Now, not saying Kogan is not a rort, i simply wont use them anymore. Rather pay more and get actual customer service etc

    • they are also known for requiring suppliers (HP, Acer etc) to give them identical products with UNIQUE model numbers

      This is interesting. Does Officeworks move so much stock to have this kind of leverage? I'm not disputing what you are saying but can you actually post a link to at least one example?

      • +1

        unique models is common in other retail too. Mattresses, white goods at HN for example.

        • Honestly could be a supplier decision for inventory management purposes.

    • to give them identical products with UNIQUE model numbers

      Thats a bunnings 'trick', haven't seen officeworks do it yet. Got some examples?

      • I experienced it mostly with HP Printers and recently on an Acer Laptop.

        • fair enough, been looking at some printers recently and hadn't noticed it. Will keep an eye out

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    I don't see an issue - the wording of the 'guarantee' makes it quite clear that they aren't claiming they will beat other peoples' prices.

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    In fairness Winnie did seem shocked… price guarantee fulfilled.

  • Kogans prices are VERY LOW

  • +3

    I really hate company using this guarantee and couldn't do it like Officeworks.

    They’re not saying that they will price match.

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    In my case I find Kogan ‘s customer service is excellent. At least there are two occasions where I find the electrical products I bought from them were found faulty and after normal to and fro technical enquires, they quickly replaced new ones to me . They never rejected my requests.

  • they certainly do not state they will match or beat, but it is clearly 'Implied',
    Why bother offering a form to fill in to inform them of a better price if its purpose wasn't to gain a price match.

    • +2

      What? Nothing of the sort is implied. The form is letting people do their market research for them.

      • Yes, too true. Though, thats just my take.

  • Hard to work out what the actual problem is.

    Kogan don't have a "price guarantee". Did you actually read the policy?

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    they're not wrong. they're just *****.
    It's not a guarantee to beat the price but it's guarantee they'll be shocked.

    Bring it to Current Affair.

  • I find the page hilarious.

    we guarantee to be SHOCKED!

    Are they for real, it looks to just be an advertising page for their Kogan chrome extension, so that you can get spammed adds while you shopped.

  • It happens very rarely but every now and then other retailers might have a better price than us. If this ever happens, feel free to shock us!

    OP I hope you sent a SHOCKING email. I hope the ACCC can follow up with an even bigger SHOCK and we can all help spread the Christmas Shock this year.