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Breville The Smart Rice Box Cooker $95.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not the all-time low, but only a dollar more!

I’ve got 2 of these and they’re the best.

Don’t forget cashback!

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    Better than a Tiger rice cooker? :-P

    ( Better in price, at least! )

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      Aaaand here we go.

      Tbh I was considering a Tiger 20 cup rice cooker (just started a small business here :), but even at the great price of $550ish, I can get nearly 6 of these.

      I can’t bring myself to do it.


      I'm here to ask the same - I'm in China at present, and Tiger have a huge range with some in the >$1000 range… This models "specs" are in-line with the same write-up for https://sydneyappliancestore.com.au/product/tiger-induction-...

      What makes the Tiger brand so much better (and expensive)??


        You can pick up the Xiaomi rice cooker, which also has Induction Heating [IH].

        The Xiaomi is much cheaper in China and also comes with Internet/Home Automation connectivity!

        Imagine controlling your rice cooker through your smartphone.

        ( Then again, don't imagine the fact, you'll have to go through a China-controller portal to your Xiaomi rice cooker )


    My current BRC460 just died recently and we don't know why it just won't turn on when plugged in.

    In near perfect condition so I wanna try and open it or get it serviced because it would be a waste to throw away.

    Any ideas how much it might cost roughly to get it looked at and repaired.

    Nothing is physically damaged probably just a bug or something caught in the circuitry or something minor component electronic wise.

    Great rice cooker though.

    Put a tomato or potato with the rice and it cooks really well.. neat trick I learnt from a friend.


      Bought the BRC460 under $60. Often in Deals for $70+.

      My guess it will cost more (labour + parts) to repair than to buy a new one with a warranty. Just getting a quote can be costly.

      Could be simple (usually not), or requires replacement of circuit board / sensors etc.

      But finding a repairer experienced with the unit (most consider a throw away item) would be hard.

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        Hmm just feel bad land filling it.

        Will try to gumtree it saying it is broken for parts maybe if i can't source a repair.

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          I've repaired appliances for myself or sale for years - know the feeling.

          I used to repair microwaves, but the new price fell to a point it was uneconomic unless I could scrounge the parts & got the microwave free.

          Often people think it will be something simple & cheap to repair (switch, fuse, loose wire) but with computer controlled devices - it rarely is. Entire boards often need to be replaced. Doubt anyone but Breville would have them. Sometimes a replacement board + labour is more expensive than a new machine.

          A neighbour threw out a very nice clothes drier - took me 5 minutes to diagnose the fault - a part costing $50 locally, $5 from China, or found free in my parts collection😉

          Checked my BRC460 for indication of any simple matter stopping yours working. Couldn't see anything. Panel illuminates with lid up, etc.

          But check the cable - is it plugged in the base correctly? Try swapping for a similar cable - they are a common type used on appliances, PCs etc. Worth a try!


            @the INFIDEL: Ah nice always good to see a fellow scavenger.. these bottle caps will buy me peace some day huh what anyways yeah I tried switching the cable already with a monitor cable.. no dice and we checked if the rice cookers cable is working and it is so we isolated it to be the cooker that has the problem and not the cable itself.

            Honestly I should give it a go as I am not gonna be of any use living my dream of building machines and robots to automate this mundane and boring world if I don't start somewhere was hoping to just pay somebody to do it as honestly that is my preferred option and imho better possibility to just learn for now.

            Hehe yeah anything electronic is usually better from China the motherland of bits and bobs for anything tech related.


              @AlienC: Glad you checked the cable. I'd say lots of appliances would be discarded for such a simple problem.

              On jobs we will only do once, having someone else who is more experienced do it makes sense. Learning something that won't be used again or adapted to another job is a bit pointless.

              I used to scrounge Simpson clothes driers. Because no one else scrounged them from council kerbside clean ups. Estimate I sold over $10k of them in a short time. An easy appliance to fix (usually 5 minutes), or scavenge parts from. Taught myself how to do it - before online advice was readily available.

              Happy scrounging!


                @the INFIDEL: Oh wow nice how short of a time are we talking it was always a dream hobby to do something along those lines (fixing kerbside appliances and electronics and then selling them for a profit but never got around to doing it).

                Glad to finally meet somebody who was able to do it because for a long time I thought it was a total missed opportunity and waste of landfill space and ultimately bad for everyone environment and somebody who could use that item at a reduced price and someone else makes a profit it seems like a no brainer win win for everybody ah well that is the corrupted stupidness of society what can you do?

                Nice potential future income idea thanks if things for me ever go south again as I honestly like experimenting with electronics and stuff full stop.

                That is some great scrounging $10k wow so I'm guessing this was over a few years? No way you made this all net profit in one year that is some great multitasking man.


                  @AlienC: Only scrounged in local area 3 weeks per year, for 3 years - long ago. Picked up 7 driers per trip in/on my old car. Then people started scrounging these on trucks for scrap metal value.

                  I like to use things at the highest possible energy / resource level. So returning to original use is of much higher value.

                  Sold between $80 - $180 each, so that's a lot of drivers. Usually had 20 ready for sale at a time. Gave each a polish with car wax - looked like new.

                  Major fault - replace belt on back (1 screw job). Only put new parts on most expensive units, so main cost was petrol for the car.

                  Sold up to 3 drivers to each buyer - as Christmas gifts for adult children with babies.

                  As I was off sick at the time, I used the repairs as rehabilitation. Used the money for holidays in Europe!

                  Have been repairing / modifying since I was a kid. I'm always curious.

                  Wouldn't want to do as a job. There is more interesting & better paying work.


                    @the INFIDEL: Drivers = driers correct or ask I missing something here?

                    Wow you must have driven a lot to get so many driers in one trip consistently.

                    Yeah I can imagine with that skill set that there would be much more engaging and higher paying work most definitely it would be a hobby that pays for itself at best imho.

                    How much on average can you scrap driers for like what is the range for low value to highest value.

                    Anybody ever return back to get a refund because it broke down again or to get it fixed and if so how did you go about it did you charge them again or do it for free?

                    Thanks for answering all my questions this has been very educational, informative, interesting and great.


                      @AlienC: Yes - Autocorrect on phone changed all "driers" to other words😉

                      Only drove short distances - neighbouring suburbs. Sometimes got a full load in a few streets. Those were the days. After a few years - the supply mainly dried up as most had already been discarded.

                      I offered a 2 week guarantee (never was strict on the time) - mainly because I was learning & may have made a mistake. But always endured electrical safety.

                      In my first batch, I incorrectly fitted the belt that drives the drum on 1 - it seemed OK but failed with a heavy load. A free call out taught me never to make that mistake again & test with a wet load.

                      Never had a dissatisfied buyer. They sent their friends!

                      Glad we both enjoyed going off-topic! PM me if you want to chat some more about this. I like to chat to like minded people😊


    Can we put neon lights and NOS under this rice box?

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