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Samsung Galaxy S10e Prism White 128GB $763.30 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Samsung SM-G970FZWAXSA Galaxy S10e 128GB Smartphone (Australian Version), Prism White. Ships from and sold by Amazon AU. I'm assuming one can use cashrewards and bring the price further down or get further 5% off from Office works (Price match). Probably not the cheapest. Also i'm not sure how many they have in stock (Sorry, i'm not sure how to find out).

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  • $724 pricematch at o/w seems like a good deal. Any opinion on this vs an iphone 8 for camera solely..?

  • When you compare to A50, is it worth double the price?

  • JB deal is 879 with 12 month of calls/data

  • Is it same rear camera as S10 and S1O+?

  • Pulled the trigger on OW price match $725.14

  • I bought 2 weeks ago after showing the previous Amazon price to Officeworks. Paid total $749.55 Officeworks with the 5% price match, so this is an even better deal! Very happy with mobile although I have been too busy to test everything out.

    • any initial thoughts?

      I'm planning on upgrading from an S8.

      • I have had several Galaxies in the past. S2 & 3, with 5 passed to mother and 7 passed on to son, so I am sold on the brand. I really like it, exact same size as 7. Have played a bit with "Bixby" with variable results lol. Seems to give far more appearance variables (including sharper) than previous which I like. Faster and much louder than S7. Not taken any pics as yet.

      • S10e - the flat screen is something I actually prefer (over the curve edges). It is 1080p though. I have the Snapdragon 855 version with dual SIMs so probably not quite the same as this one. I can definitely notice a speed difference compared to a phone running Snapdragon 835 (S8 equivalent).

  • Only downside i have about the S10e is the screen. Bought it 5 months (during Amazon during Prime Day) and the screen has got soo many scratches on it that I'm contemplating selling it!! Says its Gorilla Glass 4 or 5, but scratches easy……..I have my old S8 (2 years old tomorrow) that I've been using daily for those 2 years, hardly a scratch on it. My use of both phones have been same, nothing out of the ordinary. Dont use a screen protector, haven't used one since the Galaxy S2 days

    But phone/camera/performance wise - brilliant, can't complain about that.

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      It comes with a factory fitted screen protector

      • Hmm!! Well, there you go….you learn something new everyday! thanks @xc

      • I didn't even know it had a screen protector on lol … Just confirmed mine does too. No scratches on mine as yet. Not scratched or broken any screens on any of our mobiles, but we always keep them in those flip over cases. They always still look like new when we pass them down the line or sell. Daggy cases over scratches wins.

    • This is part of the reason imo samsung didn't put factory screen protectors on previous models because some users think the screen scratches easily when its just the plastic screen protector, not the actual screen.

      Just look at this thread of angry samsung users blaming Samsung for the bad screen design , then a oops moment they all realise there IS A PLASTIC screen protector fitted!!!



      • Rather peculiar some people. One (apparently) even tried toothpaste and baking soda to fill in scratches hey what (for real hmm)?! The screen protector on my 10e is still fine. If it was scratched I would simply remove it. I never put protectors on any of my mobiles and never had need to. Simple flip cases save ours. Just makes me wonder why people don't treat their mobiles with a little more care.

  • Does this come with removable battery and can you add an so card to it I know can't remember what edition they changed this but was curious if this was same.

    • MicroSD - yes, removable battery - no.

      • So when did the removable battery stop and was it ever started again, so what happens when your battery packs in you need to have someone install it or can it be done yourself.

        • S5 is the last one to have user replaceable battery. Nowadays, you want to get someone to do it for you. With all the water proofing, replacing the battery could mean the water proof is gone (especially if you elect to DIY).

          You were thinking about microSD card. It was removed in S6 and returned in S7 onwards.

          • @netsurfer: I was wondering about those S7 and S10e batteries. Any special place we should take them when the batteries need replacing? (Melb)
            Would hate to risk doing so myself. Recently picked up a replacement Samsung battery for the old S5 from eBay.

  • My s5 had android guy come up on it with downloading do not turn off tried things said on YouTube but nothing worked have a guy looking at it so not sure if will need a new phone or not did fancy an upgrade but not sure just yet is this best price been? Don't fancy white though and did think this make a good gift for wife as she has s5 also.

    • I did a master reset on the old S5 last week and it behaves like a new mobile now. Remove and check that battery first. Any swelling you must discard it immediately. Worth a shot. I picked up a Samsung brand battery on ebay quite cheaply. Then do the master reset.

      I had passed my old S5 to my son over a year ago, but it was having memory problems with too many big apps recently. He is happy with my old S7 now and mother same with S5 as she does want so many apps! We keep our mobiles in flip cases so they are well protected and still look like new.

      I did a price match with an extra 5% off with Officeworks on the 10e the other week. The sales guy at Officeworks didn't care about the colour. Your wife will love the jump to S10e!

      • Don't have my phone on me took it to a guy who has had it a week now says cost nothing to look at but unless he is busy with others or has no clue I just grab it back as sick of waiting, I never thought to check battery swelling up but I did try wife battery incase it was the issue, but if it was swelling I think I would have noticed.

        • The swelling doesn't have to be very noticeable to create issues. Just look for anything different to normal complete flatness. Don't know for sure but I would change that battery (inexpensive) and do master reset anyway. I think there was about 23 updates the S5 needed to do afterwards, but mobile behaved perfectly after that. Maybe the reset removes many introduced app bugs. I just don't know, of course, if that will fix the problems for you but it's worth a shot I think. Ps. Remove the sim card before doing the reset, of the contacts (on sim) may be wiped.
          If all else fails probably best to buy wife a new mobile. The 10e is not as wide as the 5 but feels nicer. Then you could keep the S5 as a spare and just remove the battery if you cannot turn it off.

          • @JediJan: It's mine that's not working pointless removing battery to turn off can't even turn on or should I say stuck on downloading do not turn off mode which yes I have tried many ways to fix ie power,home and volume buttons together.
            It's been sitting at a shop for a week and guy said it cost nothing to check it out yet he say last time I asked is looking into it, probably is not even looked at yet. So decided to buy a a20 for now and when I have spare funds then get s10 probably. I can't check battery for swelling as don't have it on me right now.

  • What are the chances of further discounts on Boxing Day? I figure most people buying at this point (including me) aren't holding out for the S11 which will probably cost almost double so I'm thinking of waiting a little longer.

  • This deal's looking better with the $50 Shopback cashback today.

  • Now $50 cashback with shopback.

  • $713.30 after the $50 cashback, as mentioned above, if you don't mind waiting for CB

  • Price matched white at Officeworks today, rang office and they said yep. First worker said they can’t match amazon then manager came and said yep. Got for 725 with pricematch