Purchasing Mitsubishi Triton 2019

Hi guys,
Looking at purchasing a 2019 MY19 Mitsubishi Triton
The one im looking at is a demo (10km) and is going for 38999 drive away

I've heard as a rule of thumb you can expect to haggle 10% off which would effectively bring it down to $35k-ish
Can I expect to negotitate it down to at least 33k considering its end of year and a demo?

What would be a reasonable discount to expect

Cheers in advanced

Edit: sorry, the model is GLS

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    Which model?


    I always thought tritons were in the low 30's. I could have been looking at a bottom of the range one.


      Yeah there are some models in the low 30k but they are the barebones
      Id like this car to be a daily driver as well as a utility vehicle


    50% discount for sure

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    RRP is $43,490, demo is approx 10% discount, and you're hoping for a further 15% discount? Approx 24% off RRP? (and lets not mention the $30k you put in the poll)

    Sure, go ahead. I too like to waste my time with stupid offers when purchasing things.

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      If you go at the right time of the day / month, you may be surprised…

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      A Couple things wrong with your evaluation here

      1) your quote is for a brand new 2020 model

      2) you saying i want a 28% discount is incorrect
      It would be correct if i was asking for a brand new car and my figures stayed the same but Im not
      Im asking for a demo car
      For example, i tried selling you a used 70000km Toyota camry for 10000k,
      Brand new is 40000k
      You tried haggling me down to 8k and i say
      "Hold on mate, its 40000k brand new, youre already getting 75% discount and you want more"
      see what i am getting at?

      so if by your calculations its 15% off a demo
      New car 2019 is avg 42k on carsales brand new.
      15% of same brings it to around 36500k
      I'm thinking a reasonable haggle is 35k

      3) 30000k is for the lols, relax mate…you must be a car sales man

        1. Not necessarily, just the current drive away price online. Could be on special (it's not very often RRP is such a neat number, very rare in fact)

        2. Mitsubishi are 1 of those manufacturers who license cars to make their VFACTS look awesome (Holden did the same). It's highly likely that what your buying isn't even plated, and won't have been driven. So yes, it's fair to compare to a new car.

        3. And for the "lols" of course most are selecting that option.

        Oh and yes I'm a car salesman, I make it known all over these forums, so my comments are based off what I've witnessed.

        But totally relaxed :) just love when people expect stupid discounts, and waste days in attempts to get it


          I dont really see how its fair to compare to a new car, logistically it may be the case but real life application shows differentiating prices based on plate for the consumer.
          I get it may be different behind the scenes and obviously i don't see as much as you do, but if i rock up to a dealer and ask for a price on the 2019 and 2020 there will be a difference

          Oh you are? Well how about you save one of your fellow colleagues the hassle of dealing with me and give a bit of insight based on what you've witnessed
          Its 38999, is 35k a reasonable expectation (about 10% discount)?

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            @WishIHadAfridge: I don't work for Mits so I don't know the margins they're playing with.

            I don't believe anyone in here does either, so your key point will be how you get treated. If you go all the way through the process, and put the offer in at that, and it get scoffed at/laughed at, and not even put on paper, then you're too far away. If they let you walk out without an sort of counter-offer, then you're not in the ballpark.


              @Spackbace: Perfect! Happy with that feedback :)
              If I give that offer to the floors sale man and he says I'll go check with my manager, is that an indication that I'm somewhat in the ballpark?


                @WishIHadAfridge: It can be, but it's also his job to present every offer, no matter how far away. A more experienced salesperson will try to lift your offer before taking it (especially if he knows it's far away), a fresh salesperson will just write it up and present it.

                Just see what the manager counters with as to how far away you are


            @WishIHadAfridge: D/A for new is $42,490 and cheapest for demo on carsales is $36,370 in white. I say you'd be lucky to get it for $35k and $36k-ish seems about right.

            FWIW, I bought a 2018 GLS Triton (auto) in grey for $36k driveway in June this year that included rubber and carpet mats. I ended up buying 3rd party roof racks (Rhino Racks), tub liner (Sportguard) and soft cover (Tuff Tonneaus). In true OzBargain form, I bought an Aldi roof basket for $99 and attached a Kings awning (2x3m) to it. I can easily remove or add the basket & awning when needed. I've been happy with it so far as a daily driver as well as for camping, bit of light off-roading, trips to dams, giving the dog a ride in the back, etc. We're heading to the beach after Christmas for some beach driving.

            Quick question - just checking you'll be happy with a manual for a daily driver? In any case, all the best!



              tub liner (Sportguard)

              FWIW, I usually recommend spray-on tub-liners for those who are using their utes properly ;) Lines the bed better, looks better after a few years, and can be bought for not much more than a tub-liner (usually around $900 or so for the spray-on).

              All other tub-liners I've seen have attached by double-sided tape, which lets the sand and stuff get in behind


    Cheapest on Carsales is $36370 D/A in white with <20km on odo. I'd be making my first offer at $31500 but I think $33k is realistic.

    Is there a variable in the deal like a trade-in? Also, consider non-monetary incentives like accessories, servicing or extended factory warranty (not tied to a single dealer).

    edit: They are flogging off the Mercedes (Nissan) ute at the moment as it's been discontinued, if that floats your boat.


      Legend! Thanks for solid feedback
      I reckon id be lucky pushing 33k but ill give it a shot. Id be stoked with 33k but hoping for 35k

      Edit: nah nothing not tied to a dealer and no trade ins


    I'm just waiting for the dingbats to start posting…

    Nah… Minimum 20% off, but I always get 25% to 30% off my cars. I just go in and tell the salesman that 25% off is my price and they always buckle. Then I get the 1% finance deal on top. But do that after you have gotten the price you want…

    And don't forget you want free mats and free protection kit. Free towbar. Free bull bar and lights, and the clincher, a free tank of fuel. They write all that off to their PR account and get it back on tax anyway, so it's free for them, so it should be free for you.


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    Asking on a forum what is the best possible price to expect is pointless. The only place that can answer your question with any sort of authority is the dealer…
    Looking on Carsales site is also no guide to your best possible price because most often the hot deals are not publicised
    If you have a trade in, work out what change over price you would be happy with.. You have to figure that out.
    If there are several dealers within reasonable distance go and see them "when you are ready to buy". That part makes the difference… they can tell the difference between tyre kickers and serious customers and they wont go the extra mile for someone just looking.
    Cars already in stock can be your best bet for a good deal but sometimes you may have to settle for your 2nd favourite colour, etc..
    Some dealerships sweat at giving the smallest discount where others will surprise you straight up.
    Some of the shopping around I have done with the last couple of new car purchases really shows how dealerships can differ!!
    One offered us base wholesale price for our trade in with full max price on the new car. In no way would they budge on that.. zero. Went to a couple of other places that offered a bit better and then we struck one that offered us our undisclosed happy price straight off. I knocked a further $1k off that and added some accessories and a full tank and said I would pay the deposit now if the took my offer, which they did. The deal was $5k better than the first dealers offer. Easy money saved… :-)
    Dealerships and salesment can differ a lot. You just have to find the right one of each.
    When you are ready to buy do the rounds ready to buy with your happy price in mind… you may be surprised.
    Some dealers may tell you that the price you are after is impossible, dont listen to them until you have tried them all.

    Watch out with some demos… being already registered you can get caught having to pay the transfer costs…
    I know the one you are looking at says drive away..
    Read your sales contract carefully and slowly, dont get excited and rush…
    They do make accidental on purpose mistakes with the maths sometimes… my second last new car had over $800 worth of those little oversights…
    Good luck.

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    Save your $ and put a $100 deposit on a Cybertruck!


    Enquiry for same manufacturer - If Outlander demo is listed for $27k, how much price you could negotiate?

    Also is Outlander better than Xtrail for 7 seater?


    Well they say you loose so much percent the moment the vehicle leaves the lot, so essentially the vehicle is secondhand.
    I would haggle to the price as if new and left the lot, plus extra for grubby fingerprints and dirty feet.

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