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Free Engraving (Was $25) & 30% off Parker Pens + Delivery ($0 with $50 Spend) @ Individuated


Free Engraving (was $25)
plus 30% OFF bestselling collection.

FREE SHIPPING all order over $50

To get the COUPON, all you need to sign up for newsletter and coupon will be send to your email.

Parker Jotter SS - Made in France - $20.3(was $29)
Parker IM Brushed Metal GT - $31.5 (was $45)
Parker IM Lacquer black GT - $31.5 (was $45)
Parker Jotter XL Black Matte CT - $23.8(was $34)

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  • Plus postage….

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      FREE SHIPPING threshold is reduced to only $50

  • delivery time?

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      dispatch time up to 3 days, but normally next business day. After that, standard Australia Post Parcel Post service is used.
      Up to 2 days for Victoria Metro and 3-6 days for other States

  • how quick does the coupon deliver? I'll order three to check it out

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      you will receive an email ask you to confirm that you are the one who subscribed, after your confirmation, an email with coupon will be sent, in about 1 min. if you cannot see it, please check junk/spam folder.

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    Any recommendations and feedback about your experience on our website is greatly appreciated. I will include in your order a bottle opener keyring engraved with your name and phone number for any feedback/recommendation, very useful in case you lost your car key somewhere. Send me a pm please!

    • I just ordered. Such great assistance when I had a query - and so efficient. Thank you πŸ€” does this mean I also get a bottle opener key ring 🀞😊

      • +1

        Sure, please message me your order number and the text you want to engrave. Thank you!!

        • Thank you 😊

  • Awesome, thanks, will make a quick easy Christmas present!

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    Hi everyone, if this post go to Ozbargain first page, I will include a bottle opener keyring or a dog tag to all orders, engraved with anything you like. Please help us go to first page by logging on and vote this post. Thank you!!!

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    Excellent, I got 4 for my friends. Thanks.

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      You must be an awesome friend. Thanks

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    Thanks, just when I need a gift for my company's Kris Kringle :). One little feedback is it would be so much better if there's an 'on-hand' video for each pen so I can better visualise how the pen looks like and its size.

    • We will definitely include that feature to each product page soon. Thank you very much for your recommendation!

  • Anyone know how posts get on the front page of Ozbargain? I thought it's about the number of vote but i saw some post with less than 5 votes on the front page?

  • Hi, I live in Brisbane. If I order tomorrow will it arrive before Xmas?

    • Hi, yes it will arrive before Xmas. Please order Asap to make sure your order will be dispatched this week. Thanks

  • Hey rep, is there a limit on the number of characters you engrave for free, and the number you can fit? That'd be handy on the site.

    Also I'd like to see an actual engraved pen on the site, the section where you show it (https://individuated.com.au/pages/engraved-product-photos) looks a bit tacky to be honest.

    Lastly the site could do with some rewrites from a native English speaker. I speak a second language and know that my written work in that language looks 'off' to a native speaker of that language - so it's no criticism but it is clear it's not written by a native English speaker and that affects its whole feel.

    • Thank you very much for your feedback. I am trying to add customer review to the website where customers can add photos of their engraved pens.
      I have engraved a lot of pens and could easily put photos in the website, but I asked some customers and and they did not want to show the pen with their name on the website, so I respect that.
      Thanks for letting me know that the writing isn’t good. I will definitely rewrite that.

  • they dont have any fountain pens?

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