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50% off Nano Water Filter Machines Online + Free Shipping Australia Wide @ Originwater Group


Crazy Christmas Deal, 50% off storewide including the latest Nano technology water filter unit
Easy to install
Compact in size
Bringing healthy water;r to your home everyday
Brook Nano Filter (above sink) only $384.5
Brook Nano Filter (under sink) only $234.5

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    The nano one filters everything out and doesn't put the good minerals back, while the lower end ones don't take out fluoride; looks nice but I won't recommend them to anyone.


      Thanks for your feedback! You seem to know about these things. Obviously we want fluoride out! Which could you recommend and I was thinking about getting whole house filter to combat the fluoride during showering etc… Anything that you can recommend? Appreciate your time. Many thanks.


        I'm using a 6 stage portable reverse osmosis filter from Filter Systems Australia. It's slow and definitely not good for shower… Reverse osmosis isn't the best way, because water likes to flow through rocks, but at my budget it would do. You'd want something that just filters fluoride and whatnot, as opposed to brutally take everything out and put some back in again the reverse osmosis way.


      Hi Frugalftw:

      Thank you for your comment. Nanofiltration technology is a higher level of filtration technology which selectively filters out the harmful practicals and retains the beneficial ones such as calcium. For detail information, please refer to our website as follow


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        Hi David,

        I was only reading the 'What does it filter?' section and arrived at the conclusion. I don't consider calcium as a beneficial one either; we have too much calcium in our diet in general. The filters are good for a different class of users. If you make one that filters out everything but magnesium in, you'll have me hooked for life :)

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