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[Switch, XB1, PS4] Trials: Rising Gold Edition - $20 Each + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ EB Games


Part of the One Day deals for today (Saturday) only.

Also includes the two DLC packs, which are collectively worth $29.89.
The Switch version is the highlight personally, as the games on there are generally dearer than Xbox One and PS4 titles.


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EB Games Australia
EB Games Australia


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    The Switch version is the highlight personally

    Just FYI, I understand this game is best played with analog triggers (never played it myself, not really my kind of game!) - which the Switch joycons and Pro Controller do not have (and by extension, any controller adapter which spoofs the Pro Conteoller).

    So if you want to play this game with analog triggers on Switch, you’ll need a GameCube adapter, to use a GameCube controller (which does have analog triggers). That’s the only way to get analog triggers on the Switch! (I believe the analog triggers on SN30 Pro Plus are disabled in Switch mode, because Switch mode spoofs a Pro Controller still.)

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    Wolfenstein 2 $10
    Shadow of Tomb Raider $10
    + others.


    EB never seem to have stock except in Bathurst or Lightning Ridge.