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So I forgot I have an event gift card, and it expires tomorrow.
To use up the value I plan to add some food combos (rip off I know.)
My Q is, how are these issued. Does it come on a seperate voucher? Do I need to claim the combo that day/session, or could I keep it and use it next time.

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    When I purchased a popcorn combo and a movie ticket at the cinema box office, using an Event gift card( to avoid the online booking fee). The popcorn combo came on a separate voucher, I think you could use this another time if you wanted to ( if you could keep it from fading).

    I am unsure if you purchased the combo online, with a ticket, if the combo is tied to that ticket session or comes separately as a voucher.

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    Should come a separate voucher, from memory the last time I bought food online they printed me a separate voucher to collect the food with at the candy bar though I'm not sure what the expiry was.


    So to answer my own Q ( in case anyone needs this)
    I bought online ticket and added food combo.
    At cinema 2 slips printed out - ticket and food voucher.
    On food one said only valid for date of movie.

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