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[SA] 95 Petrol $1.32/L @ OTR Glengowrie


91 petrol ran out at Glengowrie OTR,
So the price of the pumps tht are available have been changed to 1.32/L.
Some people have been able to get 98 (we only had access to 95 on our pump) petrol at the same price too!
Get it while its hot!!!

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    So this isn’t 7-11. Which servo is it? Or is there only one in that town/suburb/whatever ?

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    OTR are a SA petrol cartel, they own the majority of petrol stations in SA. Their prices are nearly always the highest, only 2nd to Coles.


      That is because South Australians see fit to patronise them more than the cheaper stations petrol buyers are not that smart over here.


    OTR is a SA (and near border) based servo similar to 7-11 they have an agreement not to operate in each others territories.