Help - Change Modem Belong Sagemcom 4353 for NetComm NF8AC

Hello guys,

I need a help to change my modem and setup the "new" one, at the moment I'm using NBN from Belong, but the problem is the modem that they sent me (Sagemcom 4353) is pretty bad, especially for games, almost all the times that I turn on my Xbox doesnt connect automatic, so I need to remove the lan cable, wait for 10 seconds or more and after put the cable again, sometimes I need to do it more times, I already tested with another Xbox and the problem persists.

So, my friend gave me the NetComm NF8AC modem (NBN compatible) for I test and try to solve these issues, but I dindt find any informations about how to setup a different modem in Belong.

Does anyone already did it?

Thank you!


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    VDSL2 modem routers ISP settings


    Whirlpool Forum members have reported that nbn™ will temporarily shut down their port if a non-registered modem is connected that does not support all of the nbn™ VDSL2 features. It is not enough for a modem to just have VDSL2 support – it must support all of the required nbn features and have them switched on. See, for example, Asus vdsl modems setup to avoid locking port.

    Common to all

    Modulation: VDSL2
    G993.2 Annex: Annex B (Europe Bandplans)
    G992.5 Annex: Annex A (over POTS)
    VDSL2 Profiles: 17a
    VDSL2 PVC VPI/VCI: Auto or PTM
    G.INP / G.998.4: Enabled (not enabling G.INP will result in a locked port)
    G.Vector / G.993.5: Enabled
    SRA (Seamless Rate Adaptation): Enabled


    Protocol: IPoE (DHCP)
    VLAN: None/blank
    Login: No login required
    IP Address sticky