Age of Empires - Project Celeste Free To Play (PC Game)

Project Celeste is the premier free to play rehosting of Age of Empires Online, in accordance with Microsoft's "Game content usage rules". You can download it here:

Project Celeste brings the whole game back (sans alliance wars bonuses, all 3 sets of quests are unlocked for all players instead), with brand new maps, tilesets, huntables, cosmetic gear and structures, quest lines and city locations, and have the Romans civ coming soon! (ETA March 2020)

As stipulated as requirements for legal use in the GCUR, all the content is free, and the community uses donations to fund server infrastructure and tournament prize pool costs! Players have access to all 6 civs, and there is ZERO microtransactions in the game.

Tonight(3PM UTC 14/12/19, 1AM AEST 15/12/19), we have the tournament finals for the Cup of Beer 4 tournament, you can find the bracket here:

All the tournaments are played on , and reuploaded on

See you there!

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