Optimal Time to Purchase Second Hand TV

I'm looking into buying a preowned TV off gumtree, preferably one with 4K and HDR. I've seen some decent deals already but I'm wondering if it's worth holding off till after Christmas for the potential flood of new used stock going cheap. It doesn't need to be the top of the line, but it does need to have a decent picture quality. Anything with muddy colours and bad contrast is a no go.

A lot of TV listings sit around $250-350, is this an acceptable price for something like Kogan or Hisense branded TV's?

Thank you for your time.



    Pretty sure Kogan brand new aren't much more.


      True, but if I can get a decent discount they are worth considering. Unless Kogan brand TV's are so unreliable that you need the warranty?

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    I would say after Christmas when people have got their new upgrade at Boxing Day sale. But if you see a good deal now jump on it.

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