First Home Buyer- Builder (Henley) Advice

Hi OzBargain Members
I am looking for your inputs and experience with Henley. I understand volume builder customer has mixed experience but in overall i would like to get some of your thoughts about Henley. i liked the vienna series so would like to know any inputs which helps.

Product review survey is mixed compare to other builders so would like to get some of our member inputs.

Thank you again.


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    All these large volume builders sub-contract out their work. I would be going to your local area Facebook group and posting the question

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    Subbed to Henley start of the GST era. They cut our rate from other builders and refused to pay on extras
    Got a call back once on a house and the owner was showing me where the painters ran out of ceiling white and used another brand you could see the difference halfway through the place heaps of things like that you'd never expect to see ever because they screwed everyone down no one cared.
    They blamed the building boom not many other builders could be as ruff as them they where unique.