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Synology DiskStation DS1618+ 6 Bay NAS $1,062.40 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great price if you're in the market for a Synology NAS and don't need the 4K transcoding of the DS1019+.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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    I have the DS1819+
    Very nice machine.


    Good deal. However, a $200 PC will do the job just fine.


      Yeah its a wonder these expensive nases sell well.

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        Cause they work. And use less power, less administration time than a PC.
        Got a couple running for a home business, can recommend them.


          If you use something like an athlon 3000G the power draw isn't going to be greater unless the nas is actually doing something more intense.
          Once you set up freenas you dont have to do anything more than a synology unit.
          Plus when the unit fails rebuilding a freenas is a lot faster and asier and allows for more hardware flexibility. I wouldn't reccomend these units for a business because of the down time theybcan cause when they fail.


            @Jenny Death: Multiple redundancies… within the unit and outside as well.
            I run 2 as mirror, both SHR2 (2 drives can fail in a machine and it will still run). On top of that, most sensitive data is backed up weekly and stored elsewhere.
            Synology OS works well, their mobile apps are good.

            Oh, and easier to justify to the ATO than a stack of computer parts.

            Had one power supply fail, replaced, no issues. And the support from Synology in this has been nothing less than outstanding


    Shows up as $1160.95 for me.