Beeped at for Not Queuing across an Intersection

I was first in line at an intersection. The lights were green but the lane was filled on the other side so I did what any normal person would do and stayed back so I wouldn't block the intersection. Then I hear a beep from the car behind me. I thought it was just a mistake. Maybe they didn't see the other side. Then I heard it again and see the couple inside throwing their hands up like I am doing something wrong. A bus goes through the intersection. Then I hear the beep again. This time its longer and the couple are still throwing their arms up. Almost like apes. Maybe they want to turn left and are impatient? Nope because when the lane clears up they continue straight. So what was all the beeping about? Maybe I did something else wrong? Maybe its better not to think about what idiots think like.

MS paint diagram:


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      Have you seen the forums lately dramatic people with stupid private lanes and blocking driveways think they are in the right.

    • and yet you wasted more time by commenting on it?

      • I'll do what I want with my time.

        • My comment wasn't directed at you

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  • Dont stress… there are retards on the road. Do what is right .. always.

    Well Done .. if you did not move.

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    Thanks for being a good driver OP!

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    Maybe you're good looking, and he wanted to praise yo?

    Upload a MS painting of your face?

  • basically, as many have said, you did the "right" thing by ignoring these twerps.

    I will not 'beep' someone in front of me at an intersection as a matter of courtesy. They can see what is ahead of them much better than I. Who knows, maybe there's a little kid fallen down in front of them, and they are waiting for them to get off the road? I can't see past them, so I don't know.

    Likewise, refering to the ms-paint diagram, there appears to be not enough room for your car to clear the intersection, and if a copper sees you blocking the intersection, you are the one to cop the $268 fine - not the idiots behind you.

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      The idiots will probably line behind OP car from the behaviour mentioned by OP.

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      We honestly once had a couple beeping at us when we were waiting for the road to clear of pedestrians.

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    I had this idiot beeping at me when turning right at the light when there were endless oncoming cars

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      We're you behind the line or over the line?

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    Don't feel bad. I got beeped the other day for driving 60 in a 60 zone, putting my indicator on and turning left. Shocking, I know. People are just insanely aggressive at this time of the year, men especially.

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      Because their wives are nagging them to get home on time :D

    • did you break before putting the indicator on? or turned left from the center of a 2 lane road? grrr to those drivers…

      • No to both. Person just super impatient, or super douchey, or both.

        • Good to hear there are still some capable drivers around

    • I have never got a fine or demerit point in my life so far (was born in an Asian country and moved to Australia in 2012). I feel that in Sydney the quality/ manners of the drivers are deteriorating when I compared to idiot drivers I faced in 2012 to 2019.

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      People are just insanely aggressive at this time of the ALL year.


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      Had the same in a 50 zone, I was already doing 60. Guy comes right up to my car within a metre, flashed his ridiculously bright blue lights multiple times ruining my vision, beeped, swerved left and right endlessly for quite some distance, even passing a 50 sign. Couldn't stand it any more so I slowed down to 20. Was a horrible 5km single lane trawl for him. He even mounted the curb trying to overtake me when doing 60 before I slowed down.

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    You have my vote for best mspaint diagram.

    • I think it is the best drawing of 2019

      • Is it worth more than a banana taped to a wall?

        • depends, is that banana going to be used to attack someone? and if so, how best should we disarm them? ;)

  • Then I heard it again and see the couple inside throwing their hands up like I am doing something wrong.

    You let a man slide today. You must immediately get out of the car and get inside somebody’s ass when that happens to you.

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    The ppl in the car behind you are entitled, for their own apparently misguided reasons, to have their own emotional tantrum. Their beeping, though, is against the law. But you are not a policeman.

    Just ignore them, and keep driving safe.

    PS. I often get beeped for stopping at a stop sign turning left with 100% visibility to all cars behind me. Everyone else rolls through. I actually think me stopping is unsafe, as it may cause me getting rear-ended; so I can't win.

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    'tards everywhere unfortunately

  • Like some said, I would just ignore them.
    If someone is so impatient, they should overtake me and go ahead, I won’t mind.

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    These days I just attribute everything to others being entitled clueless morons. My life is so much easier not having to waste time and energy thinking about the whys

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    You did the right thing, we need more of you and less of the honker. Pitty it feels like it's the other way around :(

  • Why are you upset 🤣. I would have enjoyed their tantrum instead. You’d done nothing wrong.

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    Surely you could engineer this situation so they end up in the intersection?

    e.g. move forward when there is only half a space available.

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    Put a - "Honk If You Love Jesus" sticker on back window.

  • What kind of car do you have? Maybe they couldn't see in front of you to see it was blocked.

  • Put your hazard lights on and pop the bonnet, that will get em really going.

  • You did the right thing OP. If the police had been around then the driver behind you could have been fined as they were breaking the law by using their horn. The NSW RMS website states:

    You must not use the horn or any other warning device unless:

    You need to warn other road users that your vehicle is approaching
    You need to warn animals to get off the road
    The horn is being used as part of an anti-theft or alcohol interlock device fitted to your vehicle.

    This reminds me of a time when when I was stuck at the front of an intersection like the OP with traffic banked up on the other side. A policeman was standing in the intersection to stop cars from obstructing traffic in the intersection. The traffic on the other side then moved forward slightly. There was enough space for my car so I started moving across. Then a car from the lane next to me cut across in front of me and took the position which I was going to move into. The policeman saw this but did nothing. I was then stuck in the intersection. The traffic light turned red. The policeman then walked over to my car and shouted at me to move my car out of the intersection. I was in the right hand lane and needed to turn right just after the intersection. All I could do was change lanes and move across 3 lanes to the left as there was just enough room for my car in that lane.

    I was very lucky that I did not get fined. Was I in the wrong or the person who cut across into my lane taking my spot or both of us?

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      I guess his maneuver was legal but was still a dickish move. Akin to merging into the front of a lane with a huge line of cars. Legal but dickish.

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    Every time someone beeps at you in a situation like this, just laugh and waive at them like your saying hello.

    Confuses the shit out of road rager's and they don't know what to do.

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    I agree you shouldnt be stopped in an intersection. however if the traffic is moving slowly, I think people should move to the other side even if you are stopped in the intersection briefly.
    I think the guy behind you would have wanted you to go through because maybe this was happening and he might miss the light if you didnt go across.
    At the end of the day you didnt do anything wrong, the person was probably raging for no good reason.

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      No, that's how you block intersection.

  • I think we will need to go a voting poll for that!

  • just another day in ozland. what's the big deal?

  • The couple had just dropped of their 28 year old son who still lives with them at a soccer game, and their little daughter who is 9 at a party, which they have to pick up again in 2 hours. They were now rushing home to enjoy some privacy without kids since last august 2016.

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    You made the right choice.

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    I got horned for crossing across zebra crossing.

    The old guy, saw a traffic light(red), for cars, as a sign for pedestrians to stop.

    It’s terrible, sometimes I wonder if people shouldn’t retake driving test every X years.

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      I'm young and happy for this to be applied every ten years for all ages

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    Happened to a 'mate'. He wouldn't move forward knowing that he couldn't clear the pedestrian crossing that was ahead and chose to ignore the aggressive honking from the driver behind him. Once traffic started moving again , the aggressive driver overtook him and lowered his window, and that's when both my mate and the other driver realised that they know each other - their kids attend the same school!

    As this realisation downs on him , Aggressive-Driver ploughs into the car in front of him and comes to a standstill. My mate slows down to see if they need assistance and they hear the sound of a police siren coming closer.Aggressive-Driver's kid jumps out of his Dad's car and asks my mate if he can give him a lift to school, clearly embarrassed by his dad's behaviour. I believe his actual words were , " I don't want to be late for school cos Dad's being a D1ck!" 😂

    I was told that on top of having to pay for the damages he caused, Aggressive-Driver also copped a fine of $282 and possibly a demerit point for aggressive beeping.

    • Haha. Great story. Serves him right for not thinking about anyone else on the road but himself.

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    I fixed the picture for you

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    Did you go out a bit so if the light went red you could have gone? That should tell them you're aware the light is green but something is going on

    • No because there's a chance the lane would still be filled on the other side. Then I would either then be forced to go and block the intersection until the lane clears or stay and block pedestrians crossing at the lights.

      • edit - oops misread - straight through not turning

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    Lol you serious
    Bwahahahaha most ridiculous post ever

  • Apes going apeshit……what’s new?

    Gotta remember there’s an ever growing crowd of low IQ animals driving on the roads now.

    Rules are meaningless to them

  • yeah, I often met these people while I drove, very impatient, rude, these people just get away with these bad manners. I once witnessed a road rage, an impatient person driving met another person who could not put up with rudeness, they both make gestures to each other, both were waiting for the other person to get out of the car and …, I kept driving, I didn't see the ending.

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    This incident must have ruffled your feathers good for you to post about it. Should have just flipped the bird and got on with life.

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    I did this maybe 5-7 years ago when I drove regularly down George St Sydney during evening peak hours.

    Knowing the law - and frequently seeing blocked intersections (especially by buses!) I'd stop before entering an intersection - typically northbound just outside Town Hall - if I saw the other side was blocked.

    Almost every time I did this a horn behind me would immediately beep - not only beep but hold it down - trying to draw attention to the idiot (here's a tip - in Sydney when you hold down your horn, everyone will turn to look at the idiot - holding down the horn!) - I'd look in my rear view mirror, it was usually a taxi. I'd ignore it but then the guy would get out, come to my window and remonstrate angrily - I'd simply say it was against the law to enter a blocked intersection, he'd call me an idiot and walk back in a huff.

    This repeated maybe half a dozen times - me getting beeped by angry a$$wipes - until I noticed a change - other cars started following my example and stopping before entering a blocked intersection - and over time the beeping stopped.

    So yeah - change can happen - and you too might even become the change agent - for good over evil. Save the world !

  • happened to me once in a carpark

    I was going 20 in a 20 zone and the guy was beeping at me!

    I just went slower 😂

    They don’t have the balls to hit you 😎

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    By the way if it was a roundabout do you queue up in the circle?

  • Turn on the hazard lights and enjoy the show. Next time

  • Your masterpiece is breathtaking.

  • Almost like apes.

    I’m pretty sure they were monkeys.

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    Recently I was forced to beep/brake heavily because a driver merged into my lane (without checking his blind spot) and would have killing me (motorcycle) had I not breaked.

    His response was to wind down his window and raise his finger to his mouth in a "shhhh" (be quite) gesture, after almost killing me. What is wrong with Australian drivers?

    I was in two minds about going back and giving him a serve. Instead I sent the footage to Victoria police, who fined him for dangerous driving/failing to indicate then he was ordered to attend the Victorian Safe Driving Program.

    If he had expressed any regret (a sorry wave/look of contrition) I would not have reported him.


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      Well done.

    • How do you know what action was taken?

      I would've thought that information is private.

      • Word of mouth

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    Have people do the same wanting to turn left while pedestrians are crossing.

  • all good son

  • Maybe it was a big intersection and it was possible for you both to be on it and for the bus to still pass through. Sounds like they have a different opinion of what being full on the other side means. Based on your description of their actions, that sounds most likely .

  • You did nothing wrong. Infact this is very common in cities with so many traffic lights. Just shrugg your shoulders and show them why mockingly.

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    First in the lane, please wait in the middle of intersection,not behind the line.

  • Next time that happens. Put your hazard lights on. Pop the boot. Walk out of your car and take a vape break.

    It's funny when it's a couple doing this as it's then that you know the stupid people breed with stupid people, two wrong people make more wrong people and that is the problem with the world.

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      I usually find that there are shit drivers in this world who come onto ozbargain and get praised for their actions. You’d find they ozbargsin has a demographic very different to other sites which would give very different advice to the consensus on this site.

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