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GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter High Speed Quick Charge 3.0 $74.39 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This popular item is now cheaper compare to previous recent deals.

Save 38% each on GOOLOO jump starter GP37-plus offered by GOOLOO Direct when you purchase 1 or more. Enter code 9FSQ9JBT at checkout.

  • Super Safe— Equipped with 8 protections for safer use.
  • Multifunction jump starter with 800A peak current for 12V car battery.
  • 18,000mAh External Battery Charger with Quick Charge - Equipped with * QC3.0 Output, this battery jump starter can fully charge your cellphones, tablets, kindle and other devices at lightning speed.
  • Bright LED Flashlight: It is built-in LED flashlight with Strobe functions and * SOS for emergency situations.
  • 12V/10A Output - It can power your auto products like the tire inflator air compressor and car refrigerator, the cigarette lighter is not included.
  • It's compact enough to fit in a glove box and carry on an airplane.
  • Easy to use
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    Finally jumped on one. Thanks

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      Same, this one sparked my interest.

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        A shocking deal, indeed.

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          I got all charged up to pounce on this deal, only to realise I already got one.

    • It really got my motor running

      • then you should get out on the highway

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    Excellent. Purchased.

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    Oh this is awesome. just in time. Thanks :)

    • +4

      Have a flat battery scheduled in your calendar?

      • +2

        Ah, lol, not for me, but my dad wont get rid of his car and puts up with inconveniences like battery issues without looking at the wonderful solutions small and lightweight technology offers, and I just couldn't pay full price so had been waiting for a code for a few weeks :)

        • -1

          This will not go well.
          These devices are questionable at best.
          They (may) work once or a few times, but the demands of starting a car realistically is beyond their capability.
          If that wasn't the case cars would come fitted with them instead of lead acid starter batteries.
          Maybe grab him one, but be prepared for the day it doesn't work.

  • Do these work well? I've always had the impression they aren't great for your battery/electronics in your car since they can't provide enough peak power in the currect timeframe. Maybe I'm wrong though.

    • Similar device different brand: started my small hatch multiple times off one charge when I had a flat battery. Life saver!

  • Can this charge by using the car battery? or is it only an output to the car?

  • Can anyone with one of these or similar comment on how they degrade by storing in your car? Could you jump a dead battery if your car has been in the sun all day? Or would an old lead acid style pack be needed to be able to just leave it in the car and forget about it until you need it?

    • Lead acid ones need to be recharged every now and then as they go flat as well. I would expect one like the type listed to hold charge much longer. Can't speak to the impact of sunlight on the unit but assuming you stash it in your glovebox or boot and not in direct sunlight I don't think it should impact the performance of the unit.

      • Yeah I understand that, I probably wasn't clear enough with "forget about it". I wouldn't expect to have to trickle charge a lead acid more than once every month or 2 to maintain it in a ready to use state. The lithium powerpacks i'm not sure about - some say to avoid leaving it in the car but that defeats the purpose to me - I want to keep it with the car like I do my jumper cables, not carry it on my person or leave it at work or home, so that it is there by default if/when I need to use it.

        I'm looking for opinions from you guys that have a jump pack of any type on this as there isn't much info online that's specific to our hot conditions.

    • I had a different brand but mine blew up (batteries expanded) from being left in a hot car all day, lasted about a year before it happened. It may have also been from me leaving it on charge all the time but the manual said to do that so idk

      • This is my other concern tbh, I don't know enough about consumer lithium batteries to know what to expect. With a lead acid you can pretty much guarantee if left in the boot in the sun all day there will be no issues of expansion/explosion/fire/leakage as they're designed for that and are more stable, at the cost of size and weight.

  • Better DIY than calling the roadside assistance R**Q. Refused to jump-start my car due to a flat battery and claimed that jump-starting it would cause it to explode. They want to charge me $500+ for a battery replacement which only cost around $200 if I just head to the local store. Ended up getting a mate to jump-start for me. What a shame.

    • I’ve had the RAC use a heavy duty jump starter to get my car started. No issues with explosions. They’ve also quoted $250 to provide and install a new battery. I carry my own jump starter now and don’t even bother with a membership. Saves $100 a year.
      Sounds like you got a very dodgy mechanic from the RACQ who just wanted to mislead you into thinking you needed an overpriced battery. I feel for all the less mechanically knowledgeable people being taking advantage of.

  • I need to sell my charger first lol

  • +1

    Thanks BA (again! LOL)

  • +1

    Thanks, have been trying to snag one of these for months, finally got in before sold out.

  • What's the difference between this and the previous deal of the - GOOLOO Upgraded 2000A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter USB QC3.0, Battery Booster Power Type-C. Is it worth the extra money?

  • Wow this one really zapped my titties nice work OP!

  • Hi, I have 810cca battery, is this enough to jumpstart and also charge the battery to full?

    • Once you get the car started , your alternator should charge your battery

  • I can't believe it arrived at 12pm and I had to go jump start the Mrs car at 5pm. Money well spent.

  • Code appears invalid for me.

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