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20% off Organic Fair-Trade Teas @ Tribal Trading Company


It's "2020 SALE"! 20% off store-wide on our famous selection of Organic Fair-Trade Yerba Mate teas, gourds and bombillas and other Natural Energy products!

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    Good discount thank you

    • Thanks! If you sign up for our email list, we will always keep you updated on all the specials! you can sign up via pop-up on the website, or via link Subscribe in the side bar of any page… Cheers!

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    do you have anything caffeine free or low caffeine?

    • Well, actually, we don't believe that Yerba Mate can placed in the same category as Coffee or "caffeinated" foodstuffs . I know a lot of sources say that Mate "contains caffeine", but there is a significant difference between the alkaloids contained in the Mate plant and the coffee. There is good explanation in this article on our site: https://www.tribaltrading.com.au/yerba-mate-tradition/

      Here is a quote: "Yerba Mate has 3 xanthine alkaloids, working together with a rich host of nutritional components, creating the unique healthy energizing effect. The xanthines are caffeine, theobromine and Theophylline. Mate is low in caffeine, and theophylline, yet high in theobromine, which has less effect on your nervous system than caffeine. A hypothesis exists that Yerba Mate contains its own unique xanthine alkaloid that hasn’t been clinically identified yet [some call it "mateine"]

      Anecdotally, the overwhelming majority have reported that Yerba Mate does not give them the health problems they experience from coffee. Many who have had problems with caffeine and desire to get off of it, find Yerba Mate to be the answer they were looking for."

      Full references to scientific research are given here: https://matefactor.com/learn/yerba-mate-nutrition/

      All in all, organic chemistry is a very complex field - but anyone can experience a difference between the energising effects of Mate versus caffeine. We recommend you to just try some Mate and see the difference it makes.

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        ooo interesting. thanks very much i will definitely give it a try.

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          ps i like your tins

          • @bargain huntress: would you like a free sample of green mate? contact me via website, and I will mail some to you! cheers!

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