How Long to Wait between Cancelling and Opening a Credit Card Account?

Hi Ozbargainers,

A lot of us dive into credit card deals with sign-up bonuses, and so do I.

But as a lot of us tend to go from card to card, it made me wonder. How long should we wait between cancelling an older card before submitting our application for a new card?

In the new card application, I would state that my old card is non-existent since its been recently cancelled. But I wonder if we need to wait a period of time before they have visibility of this when they perform a credit check on us? If they have such information, then they might see a discrepancy between what we have reported vs what info they have available.

Thanks for your advice!


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  • Request for a closure letter confirming the card has been closed and if there pick up the discrepancy, just provide the letter

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    Depends on their requirements but I know it took 1 month for my liabilities to change on my veda report so would suggest that be the minimum.