Cannot Connect Mi Robot Vacuum (Gen 1) to Xiaomi Home

Hi all,

I recently purchased a Mi Robot Vac Generation 1. I cannot get it to connect to the Xiaomi Home App.

During the adding process it does the following:

Device connected (works)
Sending message to device (works)
Connecting device to network (fails)

It tells me to "Bring device closer to router"
The Wi-Fi password is correct
The router is connected to the internet
My phone is connected to the network
My Wi-Fi is a 2.4GHz network

I have tried with android and ios and same result.
I have reset the vac a number of times and the router and the phones.

My friend (who has been using a Mi robot vac for years) took it to his house and tried to add it to his router but the same issue.
To rule out it being a faulty vac he decided to reset his own vac and now he can't add his either! Oops

I have looked through some other forums and people have mentioned being able to get it to work using an old iphone with the old version of Xiaomi home on it.
Has anyone recently purchased a Xi Robot and had success?
My father purchased the second gen not long ago and that connects fine so I am wondering whether first gen is no longer supported?

Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!


  • Try contacting Xiaomi support, it may be an issue in the issue where it’s trying to connect to Gen 2 servers even though it’s a Gen 1.

    • I tried contacting Xiaomi Global support today and they just responded saying

      "I regret to inform you that as of now we are not selling the Xiaomi products from our global website so, I am unable to help you with regards. Hence, would request you to coordinate with your point of purchase for better and quicker support.

      For more information, you may refer to the Global Website: (If your region is Available) for updates regarding the warranty in your region. "

      I guess I will visit an authorised service centre and see if they can help!

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    Try changing region. I believe they region lock some devices, my latest air purifier can only connect to Singapore servers when all the rest of my devices are Mainland China server :(

    • I had to change my region to China to get it working.

      • Thanks guys,
        I mucked around with regions with no success.

  • I had issues connecting my Xiaomi Robot to the Mi Home app also. This was to the Mainland China server.

    In the end I think I ended up downloading an app called Flolevac to get it working and using that app to control the robot.

    Randomly, after a while, the robot ended up syncing with the Mi Home app but opening the Robot device doesn't always work and its extremely slow/laggy to try and do anything within the app.

    Flolevac is working flawlessly for me. Give it a shot.

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      Thanks for this tip! I'll try it tonight

  • Sorry to bring back an old thread - I had the same problem with my robot vacuum for quite a while. I decided to look into things again (lockdown time) and managed to get it working properly today. I performed a reset to factory settings (press and hold Home button, and simultaneously press the reset button once - if the robot starts spot cleaning, you've done it wrong). The light ring started flashing white and the robot gave an instruction in Mandarin, which I couldn't understand. I then pressed the power button for 10 seconds, and that seemed to complete the reset. Afterwards, it connected back to wifi and my account fine. Updated firmware, changed it back to English, and turned the suction to max. Hope this helps.

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