I'm after a Milk Frother/Steamer

I own a cheap sunbeam coffee machine, which makes great espresso coffee but the milk frothing part is very average. I'm probably using a poor choice of key words when searching online, but I can't seem to find anything that could just heat and froth milk in a stainless steel jug. Can you buy this separately? Or would I need to get one of those $650 machines posted here quite often and use the one on there?


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    • Thanks mate, people here seem to like it. Would you poor directly into the coffee or into a jug first?

      • It is, effectively, a jug.

        • Haha. Realised after I asked, it looks the goods. Will try find a deal on one now. Thanks!

          • @CustardShot: I got one of these, at half price, from a Breville outlet centre. They are pretty good but look at Product review, some people got glitchy ones.

            • @try2bhelpful: Yeah it appears there's poor QC. Assuming yours is working as expected, are you happy with how it goes?

              • @CustardShot: Yeah, I'm happy with mine - but the froth is not as thick as for a proper coffee machine.However, that might be the milk I'm using.

                I've not seen any of the glitches that have been mentioned. Maybe the "refurb" from the outlet store weeded ones out that were faulty.

                As mentioned below, if you don't mind a manual frother I would heartily recommend the tuttocrema. Very thick froth but there is a bit of mucking around.

                The Breville is just put in the milk, turn on the button, wait for it to finish, then tap/swish, then pour out.

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    The Aldi frother is good for the $30 price tag. You’ll want to do one half of your milk with the flat paddle (for warming milk), then the second half with the squiggly paddle (for frothing). If you try to froth it all at once you will only end up with froth and the rest of the coffee will be black.
    Takes a bit of trial and error to get it right, but it’s great froth when you do.

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    Just froth the milk around in your mouth.

  • I just microwave the milk for 40 seconds, then use an aerolatte to froth the milk.

    • How does it turn out?

  • Aldi frother is ok

  • https://www.binglee.com.au/breville-bmf600-the-milk-cafe-fro…

    Aldi one died during 1st year so returned it and got breville. Going on 3 years and still frothing well.

  • The Aldi one is absolute garbage; just creates bubbly, burnt milk. All it is, is a heated whisker. I’ve not used the Breville one, but I imagine it’s similar.

    There are stovetop steam wands, which is what you’d want in order to recreate cafe style foam. The below link is an example; I’ve not personally used this so can’t vouch for it:

    • My Breville gives me warm milk with proper froth, if I use whole milk. Your stovetop would be tooo much work in my opinion.

      • I agree with you. The Breville one has a temperature range you can set it to and alternate attachments if you want latte or froth. Certainly, I have never burnt any of the milk I've put in it.

        If you are looking for a really good hand froth machine, (that sounds so wrong), then I recommend this one. I heat the milk in the microwave and then hand froth it but it gives a really good creamy froth.


      • Not necessarily.

        Pour water into the stovetop, turn on stove, walk away for a minute or two, then steam milk in 30 seconds.
        The clean up would only involve dumping the water, wiping the nozzle, and cleaning the jug vs needing to scrub the bottom of the Aldi frother which has accrued burnt milk (hoping Breville’s option doesn’t do this).

        • Breville jug is stainless steel. All I have to do is put water in and give it a bit of a wash. The Breville has a knob that has a range of 50C to 70C, I normally have it around the 60C mark. The froth is pretty good, but my tutto-crema is better.

  • Best is to have a steam wand and ensure you clean it regularly. You can then manually stretch the milk and add bubbles.

    Those electric cup frothers alway burn milk and create just bubbles.

    • Any recommendations on one mate?

      • If used my first gen sunbeam combo for over 6 years daily without issues. It just needs to be cleaned after every use to prevent clog ups

        • Got a link to the actual model? Thanks.

  • The steam from your machine would do the job but it needs some practice. Maybe you’ll find youtube videos about that it hard to explain without showing the motion you need to apply

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