Best Way to Invest $10,000?

So I have $10,000 to invest and I wanted to know the best and lowest risk ways I could invest my money besides using a high interest savings account.


  • Crypto

  • Crypto

  • any examples of crypto or which apps/places I should invest in

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    Bitcoin is safeat bet.

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    I also lend my spare money to the local motorcycle club. They then lend it out to locals and small businesses and provide a return to me.
    Seem to be pretty reliable, never had an issue, and retuns continue to grow.

  • long/short?

  • Big red

  • A quote from a recent Scott Pape Q&A:

    I have three (boring) rules when it comes to investing:

    First, I don’t like investing in speculative companies that don’t have a track record of making money.

    Second, I don’t like investing more than 5% of my portfolio in any one stock.

    Third, I would never, ever invest money I thought I might need within the next 10 years (say, to buy another house) into the stock market. While good in the long term, shares are just too risky in the short term.

    More like this can be found here:

  • You could try an ETF, or maybe something like Ratesetter?
    You really need to give us an idea of the term you are looking at investing over.

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    Cars are always a prosperous investment from what I’ve learned on ozbargain.

  • Spend half of it on education
    The other half in a vanguard etf

  • Join SelfWealth using a referral.

    Use your free trade to buy $10,000 worth of VDHG.

    • I would go 5k VDHG 5k NDQ at current prices throw in some change and get 100 VDHG and 200 NDQ

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    NBA multis

  • Bitcoin will be 1 million dollars this time next year GUARANTEED!

    Otherwise check out Wilson Asset management LIC's, you can buy them on the market like any other share, they pay divvies and are fairly safe (unless the whole clown-show goes down and even then these guys keep plenty of cash reserves for buying bargains).

    Much better returns than the banks anyway.

  • Invest it in Dan Murphys, come back when you have at least another 0 to play with.

  • set up a super account and pay in to the max of your yearly allowance. with a wife or kids also who qualify. put in conservative leave it for retirement. then at retirement cash it and buy a house with cash. get home owners grant only then. do not buy a house before. sun super is a good vehicle

    • i think investing in super is good. however not the way you described. you would want to salary sacrifice into your super and probably want a house before doing it.

  • Read this and the later blogs. Make your own choice.

    $3.3k in each ETF. 3+ years horizon.

    • Interesting (no pun intended). Had a look, like it but still have no real idea as to what to do.
      Banks looking a bit shady these days, but investing… uncharted waters for most.

      • I don't think investing is unchartered waters "for most" but a lot of people are reluctant to discuss there investments.

        If an ETF has you still scratching your head then I'd suggest that you look at "The Barefoot Investor" or similar. It explains lots of basic concepts in an accessible manner.

        The 3 ETFs I linked to buy a "bucket" of shares and track the market they are invested in. IMO, it spreads the risk and allows you to invest without having to think too much. You should still have an understanding of what the product is and the management fees.

        With reward comes risk so you do need to be prepared to weather the hard times as well as the good.

        • Sounding like sage words brad. Thank you for putting it out there for all to see.
          You've sparked an idea for me to actually do some research/studies on over the holidays.
          Have a great Christmas/NY.

  • Buy an old motorhome and cook meth.

  • Buy limited edition Jordans and Yeezys at release. Stash for 10 years then sell on StockX.

  • invest in yourself.
    focus on improving your wage

  • You should not come here for financial advice, majority of the answers you will get are memes. Either hire a financial adviser or go to the casino.

  • This is your lucky day, I’ve got the investment you’ve been looking for here: be quick before the banks shut it down:

    Ps: please don’t take this seriously

  • Pay yourself $20 an hour to read a finance book and go from there. That's your answer.

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    Horse 5 in Race 3…