Car Tyre Brands for SUV

Hey guys,

I'm looking at changing all 4 of my SUV car tyres. Does the brand make a huge difference?
I have been quoted $550 for Viking from Kmart or $900 for Goodyear.

Also had a private tyre place quote Hilo tyres 4 for $400 apparently top end Chinese brand.

Any recommendations?


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    'good' tyres are like insurance, you only need them when you need them

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    Don't cheapen out on tyres


    One thing I spend decent money on and look up reviews and read up on forums on my particular car.

    Fun car gets Michelin Pilot Sport 4S and dual cab Ute got very well reviewed Hankook Dynapro ATs

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    Get a decent brand. Don't cheap out.

    The only good one you have mentioned is Goodyear. Others include Bridgestone, Pirelli, Dunlop, Continental, Michelin. Then Kumho, Hankook, falken.

    Don't get anything else.

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    Shop: Balfour’s or Vili’s


      Those are both pies, so your joke doesn't make sense.


        The companies make Donuts… (sigh)…


          You learn something new every day; thanks! But they're not well-known doughnut companies like Donut King, Krispy Kreme etc. hence my pies comments as I know them for making pies.

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    Took you advice just order 4 good year for 600

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    You have them on your car for between 30k-100k. No point getting junk.

    Michelin & Bridgestone are my choice but there are other "leading brands" (not pirelli)


    What SUV? What sized tyre?what driving conditions? City or highway? Do you tow?

    Do you prefer quiet, good handling in the wet or long lasting? Do you just want the cheapest rubber you can find or is safety and performance more of a consideration?

    There are hundreds of different tyres available at all different price types. You need to give more information if you want an informed opinion.

    I recommend Cooper discoverer, also Toyo Open Country A/T but no idea if they suit you.


      those are my picks too, I do like my KM3 muddies albeit being super noisy on road


    What is the size of your tyre?

    Michelin for premium and Yokohama for economic.

    Try few Bridgestones on Lexus and the tyre side wall cracks on multiple tyres. Being told it is my issue hitting kerb but I don't recall I never hit kerb.


    Michelin or Bridgestone. They are more expensive for a reason.
    Your suv will drive like shite with shite tyres on it.


    As others have mentioned don't cheap out.

    Just remember all the advanced driver assistance/safety systems in your car are useless if your tyres are crap.

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    I have used Bridgestone,they have been good. They have the buy 3 and get the four for free promotion right now.