Woolworths Platinum Credit Card - Purchase Protection Claim


So woolworths Platinum credit card offers Purchase security insurance for theft or damage of "eligible" items for upto 90 days from the date of purchase (Ref:https://cards.woolworths.com.au/credit-cards/credit-card-extras/everyday-platinum-complimentary-insurance-benefit.html).

I need to make a claim for accidental damage. Has anyone made such a claim with Woolworths credit card (issued by Macquarie Bank)? I mainly want to know how long does the who process take. There isn't much information in the link above.

Thanks in advance.

P.S: I did contact woolies customer care who directed me to Macquarie, who took down my details to email the form and complete info. But I haven't received it yet. And since then woolies customer care is forwarding my calls to random departments who have no clue what insurance I am talking about. I have written an email and am waiting for the response.

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    There should be a claim form that you can either download or submit online.

    Im speaking in regards to amex insurance (by chubb). It was pretty straightforward


      Yes looks like I too have to submit a claim with Chubb. Does look pretty straightforward.

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    You need to contact the insurance company providing the insurance, not the resellers/banks. Details should be in the PDS.


      I contacted Maquarie who directed me back to Woolies. I was able to find the info in the PDS. Thanks for the tip. Cheers!

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    Details and full terms of the insurance: https://cards.woolworths.com.au/content/dam/Woolworths/Cards...

    Purchase Security covers up to $25,000 in any one year, $2,500 per Eligible Item, subject to $250 excess.

    The $250 excess is the hidden info which was buried in the PDS.