Skewed lanes @ intersection - who's in the wrong?

So I was driving through the Sydney CBD about an hour ago, just coming off the Harbour Bridge on York Street.

Here's a picture summary of what happened. We stopped at a red light and when the light turned green, I accelerated and this Mazda SUV in the far right lane beeped at me when I moved in front of him (he went straight).

Now, the intersection layout is a bit odd, but it seems straightforward. The lanes all skew slightly at the intersection, moving over one lane to the right. The left lane continues as two left turn lanes, the bus lane moves from the second lane to the third lane, the third lane moves to the fourth lane and the fourth lane - I thought had to turn right at the intersection.

So this guy follows me and at the next stop light we reach on Market Street, he rolls down his window and tells me it's my mistake. I say 'you were in the turning lane mate, the lanes all move over one at the intersection'…he goes 'no, no, no…you're wrong! I didn't see any lines' (presumably the dotted lines you sometimes see which go across some intersections to guide you to the correct lane). Anyway, we go our separate ways when the light goes green.

I had a look on Street View, and it actually looks like the right lane doesn't have any turning lane markings…which would mean that I think I'd still be correct, as it would be a zip merge and I was the car in front at the merge point. There's definitely a skew beyond the intersection which makes me certain that I was correct to go into the right lane beyond the intersection.

So, what does OzB think about the situation? Who was in the wrong here?

Google Street View link -,151.2058691,3a,49y,174.6h,84.29t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sFZrLvUd4hHs3bBVLblCW-Q!2e0!5s20160801T000000!7i13312!8i6656

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    Mazda guy
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    Both in wrong
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    Transport for NSW (for crappy lane marking)


  • ME

    What's the chance of your car being in the picture. The odds are amazing.

    • Actually, my car is a red 1991 Daihatsu Mira. Investment car, high yield, good fuel economy, also fits in 30cm long parking spaces.

  • I had a look on Street View, and it actually looks like the right lane doesn't have any turning lane markings…

    Yes, it does.


    • Oh. I guess a car must have been parked on top of it…

      Well, looks like I'm in the right. I bet old mate in the Mazda will be telling all his friends about the (profanity) in the little red car who cut him off, though.

    • Gotta love bad street design and implimentation. Arrow should be right near the intersection not in a place a car parking could cover it.

      just goes to show that awareness is more important than following rules blindly.

  • Mazda SUV was in a turning lane, Mazda is in the wrong.

    As CityEnd said, it is clear in Google Maps,,151.2058602,3a,75y,173.43h,96.4t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sja8kJ7bbo8bMKvapxuJwdw!2e0!5s20161201T000000!7i13312!8i6656

  • Right lane needs to turn right. Markings are on the ground. Other car should have turned.

    Aust. Road Rule 92: Traffic Lane Arrows

    (1) If a driver is driving in a marked lane at an intersection (except a roundabout) and there are traffic lane arrows applying to the lane, the driver must—
    (a) if the arrows indicate a single direction—drive in that direction

    And OP mentioned that they were in front of OP as they crossed the intersection, so even if it wasnt a turning lane (recent road work, worn markings, etc), Aust. Road Rule 149, or as I like to think of it, the "drag racing" rule.

    Aust Road Rule 149: Giving way when lines of traffic merge into a single line of traffic

  • Definitely the other guy, I've had a car incessantly blast me because I cut him off but the lines were at the time recently changed and they all went / / / some people just don't pay attention to the road markings.

    Just be glad the moron didn't hit your car and ruin your Christmas.

    The fact he was steadfast in his wrongness makes it worse. And he is probably telling all his friends how some idiot cut him off.

  • What crack head designed that

  • Needs a right lane must turn right sign on the pole

    • That's a given with the lane markings on the road … A sign won't deter them.

      • And Aust. Road Rule 92 says that there does not need to be a pole on a sign, just the markings on the ground.

  • Are you sure the other lane is a turning lane only… if so, then the other guy had no right in proceeding forward.
    If the other guy is allowed to drive straight, then it is you who must cede to him.

    • Are you sure the other lane is a turning lane only…

      Right Turn marking can be seen in this picture

      If the other guy is allowed to drive straight, then it is you who must cede to him.

      Incorrect. When two lanes merge into a single line of traffic and there is no dotted line, then the "drag racing rule" applies. Whoever is in front at the time the lanes converge, gets to go first and the car behind must give way to them.

  • There is a similar (problematic) design on Bathurst St as you cross Castlereagh St.

    Even though there are lane markings across the intersection AND a right turn arrow on the far right lane, people still are hopeless at following and drive in a straight line. There are near misses every time I drive through.

  • You want to have fun have a look at some of the Doozies we have in Melbourne, including this one.

    We throw a tram through the middle of a roundabout.