Where to buy Roborock S4

Hi guys,

I've seen a lot of buzz online about the Roborock S4 - people saying it actually offers several improvements over the already great S5 at a lower price tag.

Only issue is I can't seem to find anywhere I can purchase one here in Australia. Any ideas?


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    S4 is newer than S5?

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      No, it is not.


        I'm fairly certain it is? But it's still considered a downgrade as it doesn't have the mopping functionality.

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    S4 is a massive downgrade. Get the S5 even if older. If you can't seem to find the S4 then you might also have issues getting replacement parts easily

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    I asked Roborock Australia and this was their response:

    We are only currently looking at launching the S5 Max into Australia.

    We are still working on plans to bring the S4.