Pair of Running Shoes around $50 or Less

Looking for a pair of light running shoes, around $50 or less would be ideal.


  • Plenty of good running shoes for less than $50 in the Kogan 60% off sale.

    Use the free trial of Kogan first for free delivery.

    • Here's the link that list out all the shoes under $125 ($50 after 60% off), ordered by price in descending order. As most shoes don't have all the sizes, it's best to filter by size first.

      If you are looking for "light weight" running shoes, out from the list, I'll go with New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4. $35 delivered with Kogan First is a bargain, and I'm on my 4th pair of Zante over the last 2-3 years of running.

  • Costco, Nike outlet at auburn specials wall

  • Decathlon

  • If you have a new balance outlet near you they have great shoes for around $60. If you fit their sample size 9.5 men 7.5 women (I think) you should be able to
    Pick up top of the line shoes for $40.

  • Rather than use the superior shock mitigation of the human foot and a natural running style where they land on their forefoot and then gain extra traction using their toes, "joggers" were taught by Nike advertising that using an unnatural running style where they land on their heels so they can use the not very good shock absorbtion of a shoe is better for them.

    It isn't better, it leaves their victims with knee problems after a lifetime of unnatural heel striking.

    • Sounds like the problem is with "unnatural heel striking" rather than the running shoes themselves? Actually the problem is not even the heel striking, but over-striding, where people take huge steps thinking they are going to run faster that way, landing their foot in the front of their bodies (usually heel striking the ground first), causing braking forces sent to their knee.

      the superior shock mitigation of the human foot

      The barefoot running movement was hot a decade ago but you rarely see anyone wearing minimalist shoes on a Marathon course these days. The truth is that human foot is actually not that good at shock mitigation comparing to EVA/TPU/PEBAX foam. And try to run a technical trail with barefoot. Arrgh!