Unable to Connect Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 to Mihome

Hi All, I have a bunch of Xiaomi devices connected to my Mihome with ease including the vacuum, induction cooktop, hub, lights etc.

I'm connected to the China server with language set to English.

Mihome couldn't seem to detect my purifier 3. I wonder if anyone else have the same problem?



  • Yep. I had to put my new purifier and roborock vacuum on the Australian server. I used my phone's "dual apps" feature to have mi home installed twice. Once in China server, one in Aussie server.

  • Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 doesn't work in Chinese server, I've cloned the app on s9+ through parallel space and connected to Singapore server.

    • ^here's the answer. I had to connect to Singapore too

      • I already had a Xiaomi robot vac (gen1) which i switched to region 'Mainland China' so i could get the added features.

        Then i got 2x purifier 3H and as you guys know i couldn't add it them to Mi Home app while on this region.

        I didn't want to run 2 apps, so brought my robot vac back to Australia region and still have all the added features! :)

  • Ah cheers thanks for the input!

  • By the way, so I need 2 separate Mihome accounts to make this work?

  • Can you change location in app? Or need a second account?

    Also, which version do you guys have?

    Mines meant to be global version. Sticker on mine has fjy4025cn. With actual unit printing having V-190422-Q.


    • Setting China region works. So suspect it's the mainland China version (3?) rather than global version (3H?).

      Btw - same account. Just needed to log out and log back in.

  • Just got the Air Purifier 3H, assuming it is the international version, but I am not able to connect at all. Anyone having these type of issues, when reset it’s able to detect and connect to the machine via bluetooth and fails to connect to the internet. This is so stupid, why do you need to connect to the internet to be able to connect to the phone?! Just connect to the phone first via the local area network. :(

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