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Ingenuity "Inlighten Braden" Cradling Baby Swing - $199 @ Baby Bunting


One for all new and expecting parents.

Baby swings can be basic, or they can be fancy.

This is definitely at the fancy end.

It is also HUGE.

Our bub loves it though.

- Safe space for baby to keep calm and comfortable
- Swing in cooler comfort with breathable, machine-washable fabrics
- AC adapter
- 6 swing speeds to adjust as baby grows
- Includes light up mobile and gentle music
- 8 melodies
- 3 nature sounds
- White noise
- Audio input to plug in phone or MP3 player

$199 now, normally $399.

It has an AC adaptor so you can avoid using heaps of batteries (does still require a single C size for vibration function).

Tick of approval from my little girl, as long as you have space in your house….

Comfort is in full swing. With DreamComfort fabric technology, your baby can rest easy in a cooler and more comfortable space. This baby swing offers security for your little one, with 180° rotation so your baby is always in sight.

The vibrating movements help soothe and calm — meaning you get a few more hands-free moments while your baby gets some rest. Plug in technology saves money on batteries while you and your infant enjoy 6 swing speeds that sway in 3 different directions.

The extra quiet motor makes swinging peaceful. When you need entertainment, optional smartphone connectivity can play your favorite videos and a light-up mobile dangles 2 plush toys.

The foldable design is lightweight with wheels that make it easy to transport from room to room (as an owner, I call BS on this).

Throughout your day, keep your baby calm in cooler comfort.

The thing is very solid. Some of the competing swings are $500 and look like flimsy plastic crap compared to this.

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  • Don't expect to use something like this for more than a month or so before baby is bored. ROI isn't great for the price

    • Time will tell.

      They say in theory can be used from birth to 9 months but mileage will vary I agree.

      If it makes baby happy for 20 hours, it was well worth it.

      She certainly enjoys it for now.

    • Yeah we used a $20 bouncer for when we needed to put our baby down. He started crawling at five months anyway.

    • We have used it for 5 months so far and it’s been worth it. Especially those days where you just can’t get anything done because of a clingy baby.

  • Our son loved it as well, got almost a year out of it. Price is about normal though as they are one of those items that always go for 50% or more off. I think we paid $149

    • Nice deal.

      It's supposed to be exclusive to Baby Bunting but I see on Amazon some people selling it - for $600!

      • Amazon don't sell it, you maybe looking at a different model sold by a third party or items from the US with high postage costs. The "exclusive" is the colour/design not the item it self.

  • As OP said these things take up a lot of floor space, there are plenty of versions that take up about half the space and do the same thing

    • Good point.

      The original design is more uni-sex, the other 2 a bit more for the girls (not that the babies know the difference).


    My kid hated it. He preferred being on his playmat.

    • It's best for them to be on the floor anyway!

    • +1 vote

      Yeah we did the same. But my baby started crawling at five months so I only recommend it if you want an independent, early crawler 😂

      Otherwise stuff them in a swing.

  • We have one of these. Paid $199 about 3 months back. It’s great, our kid loves it for about 15-20 minutes before they get sick of it. But that’s enough to get a quick break before you need to get back to baby.

    Worth the investment if you ask me. We’ll be looking to resell it in a few months to make a little money back when Bub outgrows it.

    Edit to add: only complaints I have is the built in speaker for music is rubbish and the connection for external input is a 3.5mm connector - not much good for iPhones now days. Not that you would want to use it as the internal speaker is so bad..

  • Had one. Ymmv as to whether your kid will like it. Ours mostly didn't.

    The weight rating is very low. Couldn't use it for long.

    Struggled to sell it for over $100 on gumtree. So recommend buying off gumtree instead if possible