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ETSU Handcrafted Japanese Gin 700ml Per Pack of 2 $96.40 (Was $190.94) Shipped @ Dan Murphy's


This product is shipped directly from the supplier which is why you won't find it on the shelf in your local store.

ETSU means “PLEASURE” in Japanese.
It is with great pride that we distilled this unique Gin on the Northern Island of Hokkaido in Japan.
Made at Asahikawa Distillery using 100% cane neutral spirit.

While stocks last.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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    Grabbed one! 5% off with gift cards too
    Thanks mate

  • +4

    Thanks mate, bought 2 x 2. Used wish cards, and also 3.5% casrewards (didn't use 4% shopback because of constant problems with purchases not registering).

  • +2

    It says unavailable for delivery for me (to Melbourne). Out of stock?

  • Price is meant to be for one going by the 6 pack price.

  • Unavailable for me too in Syd :(

  • Purchased thanks.

    Unsure if two bottles will arrive or not so took a screenshot just to be sure. Email confirmation just says

    "1 x ETSU Handcrafted Japanese Gin 700ml (Bottle)"

    • +1

      Oh yeah - price error???

    • looks like you will only get 1.
      just too confusing

      • Clearly says "$96.40 per pack of 2" on the product page so grounds for refund or another for sure.

        • +1

          Definitely a pricing error, given a pack of 6 is $578.55 (6 x 96.40). Make sure you screenshot or video so you can claim this back.

          • -1

            @thinkv: Took screen shots. If pricing error, Dan Murphy will hear from me!

      • Yeah fingers crossed the screenshot will get me through

  • +1

    1 item unavailabe in your order, please update below.

  • +1

    Wish i could've got it for tonight

  • Unavailable.

  • Not available

  • +1

    Missed by 5 min…OOS now

  • That didnt last long …

    • -1

      Said ship from distributor, probably trying to run it out…take your own guess at why.

    • +2

      Uhmm…but it's also 5 hours of making…followed by 12 years of sitting around not doing much by the distiller except the occasional checking of the batch.

      • +1

        Extracting the sugars out of barley takes longer than just straight up fermenting cane sugar.
        Angels share is a loss on distiller, warehousing is expensive, so are barrels and barrel management .
        Which is why gin at the same price as whisky is a con.
        I love gin as my alternate to whisky but won’t pay crazy money for something that is not hard to make.
        The pricing error is where it’s real price should be at.

  • +1


  • I’d be interested to see if they honor this. I assumed it would be a price error and didn’t jump on it.

  • How does this compare to Roku (which is amazing)?

    FWIW also amazing is Melbourne Gin Company (made in Gembrook).

  • +1

    Just a follow up for anyone that is interested.

    I received my order in the mail last week (only received on bottle, not two). I questioned this with their support team and have been offered a 50% refund.

    All in I paid $48.20 for one bottle which I am happy with.

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