10,000 Sparks - Group Buying for Electricity and Gas

The idea is to get 10,000 people registered, and then use this to bargain with the electricity (and gas) retailers to get the best discount possible.

Looks like something similar to the Choice Big Switch campaign



  • NSW only. And not all of those 10000 will have the same energy supplier, so not sure how that will work.

  • The guy running this was on one of the current affairs shows last night and looked very amateurish though. Didn't give me much confidence that he knew what he was doing.

  • We have nothing to lose and everything to gain from signing up!

    • A lot of marketing people would LOVE to know that you are hunting for cheaper energy deals, and thank you for your contact information :)

      • Meh, the only thing asked for at this point is an email address and the postcode. Nothing says it has to be your identifiable email address.

      • Firstly, thank you 'plonline' for promoting us on this forum.
        Scotty you raise a valid point and it's something we will make more obvious when we update our website.
        We have stated in our Privacy Policy that "We will only collect personal information necessary to conduct Our business".

        We will NOT reveal any details we collect to any party unless it's necessary to negotiate a deal for all who have registered. Our own family and friends are also part of this campaign and their details also form part of the data collected. It's certainly not for sale.

        We have also deliberately limited the details we ask to email, postcode, your current provider and your energy source.
        Thank you for raising this point.

  • Yes this is an excellent development, electricity prices are far too expensive, they should be less than a 1/4 of the price. We have the largest coal deposits in the world yet we pay the highest prices for electricity.

    • Most of what you pay go to maintaining the lines and infrastructure. The actual cost of electricity is 10% to 20% of what you pay.

  • Would you be surprised to find out that the avg MWh price of ele ctricity was lower than the previous year.

    The MAIN reason electricity prices are going up is due to the high peak loads and increased spending on the poles and wires.

    Something like 10% of Australia's electricity assets are used for < 2 weeks of the year. Generally they get run when electricity prices spike up to $27,000+ / MWh.

    The electricity distribution companies are planning to spend about $45 billion over 5 years, yet we hear nothing about it, but this is the MAIN reason why prices have jumped so much recently, and will continue to do so.

    Some simple demand management during peaks could drastically cut the required investment, and save all of us a lot on our electricity bills.

  • Just realised that this guy is asking for a commission from the retailers. Most retailers pay about $100 per residential customer in NSW. 10000=$1 million.

  • These guys are just trying to make a fortune and dont really care about the average electricity users.
    1 month free electricity every year is rubbish. Remember this discount does not come off your GST or your supply charge. They divide your usage for the year by 12 and that's all you get. Just worked it out on mine and it is not much. Sounds great but it's not.
    Both Tru energy and Australian Power & Gas have much better offers online.

    • Not a fan of either 10000sparks or Origin Energy, but this is actually not a bad deal for NSW. 10% off usage + $150 welcome credit (Offer 1) sounds like a decent deal. Offer 2 is misleading and stupid.

      Absolutely rubbish for Victoria though. Origin's rates are easily 20%+ more expensive than some of the cheaper providers in Victoria. So the discount and the rebate don't really mean much.