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Cadbury Old Gold Fruit & Nut 340g - $1.25 (87% off) @ Target


Normally these Cadbury jars are $10 each. Sometimes they are on sale at the supermarkets for $7, but at $1.25 it's a steal. Not many stores have them - in Melbourne, for example, only 4 Target stores are showing any stock and it's "limited".

Note: the picture on the website shows the normal (milk chocolate) variety, not the Old Gold type.

Target Macquarie
In stock in this store

Target Broadway
Limited stock in this store

Target Northland
Limited stock in this store

Target Doncaster
Limited stock in this store

Target Eastland
Limited stock in this store

Target Waverley Gardens
Limited stock in this store

Target Midland
Limited stock in this store

Target Success
Limited stock in this store

Target Joondalup
Limited stock in this store

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  • +7 votes

    Oh damn, I love these! (Old Gold version)

    (Not enough to drive to Northland / Doncaster though! lol)

    • +2 votes

      Old Gold is the best, but very hard to find. Most supermarkets only sell the normal milk chocolate type, which are average. The only place I found selling Old Gold is Leo's Supermarket (in Melb), but it's $10 there. Not worth it at that price.


        Oh right - one of our coles/woolworths in the area does sell them (I still have a container in the cupboard from the last 1/2 price special), but yeah, I have noticed that they're not available everywhere.


        Saw them in IGA mount waverley but not sure if it was just in for xmas


      ^ what they said.

  • +3 votes

    The stock level shows none at my 20 nearest stores.


      In Melb there is stock at: Northland, Doncaster, Eastland, or Waverley Gardens


        System reports stock - a very different matter to stock available!

        Searching for chocolate on 31/12 @Target - most stock showing as available wasn't available. Staff said most was eaten / opened before Chistmas by customers…

        System still shows those eaten products as available at that store :-(


        None left at Northland

    • +2 votes

      Same around Brisbane

  • -2 votes

    I been in my local it today was loaded with Chinese produced crap that they can't clear even at crazy prices . No well known brands at all .


    at the target, in melb cbd, there were things like cocktail mixers, candy canes, stockings, etc at 75% off. they also had wrapping paper for 20c

  • +1 vote

    As already commented - stock shows on system as available, but not available in store.

    eg none @Northland, but system shows Limited stock in this store. (Edit: Now crossed out)

    Has anyone found stock?

    On 31/12, I searched for these at a store showing stock & found none.

    Ringing store won't likely help. I asked staff but they just said "no stock" to all questions. Easier than looking!


    Any stock in midland, does anyone know


    Damn, got my hopes up for this one - no stock on the South East QLD coast according to their website


      Most of the Christmas stock was plundered soon after Christmas.

      Found in previous Christmas stock clearances, you need to be in the store as they bring out the marked down stock to sell. The good stuff doesn't last long! It's a real fight to be first.

      This post seems to have missed the best by date.
      Even 31/12 Target Deal required luck to find stock. Most had gone by then.

  • +2 votes

    Product: Cadbury Old Gold Fruit & Nut 340g
    Correct as of: 06/01/2020 22:07
    In Stock: 2
    Low Stock: 12

    In Stock

    Macquarie, NSW Frankston, VIC

    Low Stock

    Broadway, NSW Doncaster, VIC Joondalup, WA
    Dubbo, NSW Eastland, VIC Midland, WA
    Merrylands, NSW Northland, VIC Success, WA
    Sunbury, VIC
    Waverley Gardens, VIC
    Werribee, VIC

    • +1 vote

      That's what the system reports, not actual stock levels on shelves. No stock is likely correct.

      Stock may have not been sold, but may not be on the shelf for various reasons including lost, theft, tampered with or eaten… So remains on the system.
      Many items I enquired about on 31/12 were - "eaten by customers"!

      Note: Northland has been reported OOS, but is shown as Low Stock!

      Use as a guide.


    Confirmed that Eastland has no stock (… but Big-W has a lot of christmas chocolate still :)

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