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[Kindle] Free - Python Workbook | Master Photo Lighting - Soft Light @ Amazon AU/US


Python Workbook: Learn How to Quickly and Effectively Program with Exercises, Projects, and Solutions
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Here’s what you’ll find in this book:
Practical programming exercises that will help you apply programming concepts to real-life situations
Debugging exercises that will teach you to notice errors in Python code quickly
Fun projects that will really test your knowledge and motivate you to practice even more
Valuable tips for mastering Python quickly
An answer key to check if you were right

Master Photo Lighting - Soft Light (On Target Photo Training Book 8)
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This is the lighting most used in photo studios and no photographer should overlook this important topic.

πŸ“· Dynamic Range
πŸ“· Narrowing The Lighting Ratio
πŸ“· Exposing For The Extremes
πŸ“· Dynamic Range Hierarchy
πŸ“· Why Care About Dynamic Range?
πŸ“· High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography
πŸ“· Shadows
πŸ“· Shadows Determine What Type Of Light You Should Use
πŸ“· Spotlights
πŸ“· When You Don't Want Shadows!
πŸ“· When You DO Want Shadows
πŸ“· Deciding On Hard Or Soft Light
πŸ“· Soft Light
πŸ“· Soft Light Defined
πŸ“· The Photography Diffuser - A Portable Cloud
πŸ“· Hard And Soft Light From The Same Source!
πŸ“· Soft Light Advantage
πŸ“· The Umbrella
πŸ“· The Softbox
πŸ“· Make Your Own Softbox
πŸ“· Test Your New Softbox!
πŸ“· Other Soft Light Options
πŸ“· Composition
πŸ“· Composition Defined
πŸ“· Framing
πŸ“· Vignette
πŸ“· Shape
πŸ“· Size
πŸ“· Space
πŸ“· Mood
πŸ“· Diagonals
πŸ“· Symmetry
πŸ“· Clutter
πŸ“· Photo Exercise
πŸ“· Additional Photo Training

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