Recommend Me a New Rangehood, Cooktop and Oven

Looking for a new slide-out recirculating rangehood, gas cooktop, and oven – all 60cm wide. I will probably be using the cooktop way more than the oven. I do mostly asian cooking (using a wok) if that makes a difference. I think the rangehood would be the most important part since my kitchen is situated in the middle of my apartment without any windows nearby, so Im willing to spend a bit more on it.

Budget is around $1500-$2000 all up. What would give me the best bang for buck?

Also would I need to hire both an electrician and a plumber for installation or can electrician do all of it?


  • To fit in that budget you might be limited to Westinghouse or similar.
    Sounds like the key feature will be the quality of the wok-burner.

    You will need a plumber for the gas connection. The electrics may be a plug-and-play under your benchtop.

  • Are IKEA appliances actually any good?